Feinstein’s Stacked Deck Hearing Gets Under Way

When the Senate Judiciary committee held hearings on gun control last month, DiFi wasn’t happy. The panel of witnesses assembled by Chairman Pat Leahy was far too balanced for her tastes. It included people who actually opposed an “assault weapons” ban, among other firearms ownership restrictions. So Sen. Leahy allowed her to assemble her own kangaroo-court style group of advocates for civilian disarmament. You can count on them to provide all the histrionics the network evening news will have time to air. View it here. UPDATE: Holy shotty Batman! Two of the witnesses (law Professor Nicholas Johnson and attorney David Hardy) are shredding DiFI’s S150 with common sense and rational analysis, pointing out that ALL guns are dangerous and shotguns are just as deadly as “assault rifles” (or more so). Feinstein’s fuming, or considering banning scatterguns. The third (FL Rep. Sandy Adams) says it won’t work. Wow. Is someone recording this?