Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Deli Defense Edition

“The gunman entered the store shortly after 6 Tuesday night, police said, drew a weapon, and went behind the counter to where Anna was standing,” reports, detailing a robbery attempt at a deli in the Tacony section of The City of Brotherly Love. “Pointing the gun to her chest, he forced her to her knees and ordered her to open the cash register. As she started taking the money out, she screamed for her husband, who came out from a back room with his gun.” That’s when the 19-year-old took a shot at John-the-store-owner who returned fire, hitting hitting the would-be Dillinger center of mass. Final score: John 1, Yoot 0. The un-named gunman had priors and — surprise! — the Philly 5-0 think he may have been involved in other armed robberies.” He’ll be a lot less criminally active going forward, though. “I didn’t want it to come to that,” (John) said. “But we had to defend ourselves.”