Defensive Gun Use of the Day: MLK DGU Edition

“Police sources tell 7 Action News that a women’s basketball coach from Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior High School shot two men who attacked him as he was walking two basketball players to their cars in the school parking lot.” Stop the digital presses! What we have here isn’t a failure to communicate, it’s a 70-year-old school employee — on school property — who was  packing heat. And it’s good that he was, since the gold chain around his neck caught the covetous eyes of a couple of local yoots . . .

All the coach was doing was keeping a protective eye on two of his charges. Detroit’s has the scoop:

Police sources say the coach was walking the two girls to their cars when two men allegedly approached and one pulled out a gun and grabbed him by his chain necklace. The coach then pulled out his gun and shot both of them, according to sources.

The wannabe muggers had probably been casing the coach’s neck for a while. Both had attended the school and one had been recently thrown out.

But wait! A teacher with a gun? Quel horreur! Won’t the considerate coach, at minimum, lose his job over the MLK DGU? Au contraire, mon frere.

Police sources say the coach has a Concealed Pistol License and is reportedly a reserve police officer. They say he is fully cooperating with authorities.

Nice that he was there with a legally concealed weapon. Even at school. Too bad more people who work in and attend educational institutions don’t enjoy the same option. It’s probably because no one wants to see schools turned into armed camps.