Creedmoor Sports Bails on California

Sport shooting retailer Creedmoor Sports has looked around at all of the famous opportunity, lifestyle and growth potential California offers and decided they’ve had just about enough of all that. So rather than continue to do business in a high tax, bankrupt state that considers anyone engaged in the firearms business at best embarrassing and at worst evidence of a social disease, they’ve made the business decision to pull up stakes for friendlier climes. Creedmoor has announced via their MyFace page that they’re putting Operation Roll Tide into effect and heading for the welcoming arms of Alabama. It’s hard not to think this is one of the first of many companies in the industry, given the virulent anti-gun climate in the left and northeast coastal portions of the country, that will be making similar moves. There are plenty of business- and gun-friendly locales that would be only too happy to have them. Who will be next to load up the moving vans?