BREAKING: Colorado House Passes All Gun Control Bills


The Democrat-controlled (37-28) Colorado House of Representatives had four gun control bills on its docket for final passage today. HB 1229 requires universal background checks. HB1226 revokes campus carry. HB 1228 passes the cost of running CBI background checks on to prospective gun buyers and HB1224 would limit magazine capacity to 15 rounds. Given the heavy Dem majority, no one expected any of the four civilian disarmament bills to be defeated and no one’s expectations were dashed. All four were approved with varying numbers of Dem defectors voting no . . .

But all four attracted enough hard-line votes to pass. Typical of the thinking among the Centennial state civilian disarmers was this comment, reported by, on outlawing campus carry: 

“There are a lot of students who simply are not ready to be in the presence of firearms,” said Rep. Claire Levy, D-Boulder, the sponsor of the bill. “It’s a dangerous mix.”

The campus carry ban passed 34-31. Charging gun buyers between $5 and $12 for CBI background checks made it by a slim 33-32 margin. Universal background checks proved more popular, causing only one Democrat to vote no. That bill passed 36-29.

Finally, the House also passed the Magpul GTFO magazine limit bill, 34-31. Magpul has threatened to move its large and growing operation out of Colorado if the bill becomes law. All four bills will now move onto the Democrat-controlled Senate where they’re expected to pass.

Governor John Hickenlooper has expressed support for universal background checks, charging gun buyers and magazine capacity limits. He’s waffled on the campus carry ban, but look for him to go four for four when the bills hit his desk. Let the bidding among free states to be Magpul’s new home begin.

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  1. avatarjwm says:

    1 more state going California. And the cancer grows. People are going to run out of places to move to if we don’t make a stand and put an end to this.

    • avatarTotenglocke says:

      JWM, it’s really simple – don’t vote for anti-gun politicians. It doesn’t matter if it’s State or Federal, if you don’t vote them in, they can’t push these laws.

      • avatarJoshinGA says:

        And all the anti-gun politicians have a (D) in front of their name. Its stupid how hypocritical the Dems can be pushing for the personal freedoms of gays and women on one day, and the next pushing for onerous new gun laws. I shouldnt have to base my vote on what type of freedom I want to preserve, but guns will always win out in that case.

      • avatarpat says:

        Dont vote democrat, you stupid libtards. And by that I mean the morons on this very forum who did.
        You get what you get. Elections matter.
        Liberalism is a mental disorder.
        I do so love rubbing your stupid faces in the poop you voted for in the last election. Do ya get it now?

        • avatarRipVW32 says:

          Hey.. not all of us Colorado-ians voted Dem… so GTF off your high horse.. there are some of us here that are going to suffer and there is nothing we can do about it…..

        • avatarint19h says:

          We ‘libtards’ would gladly not vote for Dems if Reps would stop being bigots and offered a choice of candidate who wouldn’t oppose same-sex marriage and other important social freedoms. As it is, it’s the choice of which rights and freedoms you want to lose. Don’t be surprised when people vote for the one that’s more important to them personally -after all, you do the exact same thing, it’s just that your priorities differ.

        • avatarpat says:

          Rip. What high horse? While you have my sympathy, I am directly talking to the libtard morons like int19h (conveniently below your comment) who did vote dem.
          What you(Rip) can do is WHAT I AM DOING, which is telling libtard morons like int19h that they are responsible for what just happened and that elections matter and have consequences.
          God, dont you just love it when the ducks line up (like these two posts together making my point godlike).

        • avatarrobert says:

          So you’d rather have same sex marriage than the ability to defend yourself? Whole lot of good it’s going to do you if someone breaks in your house and kills or wounds the both of you without the ability to stop the attacker.

          And before you say i’m against same sex marriage, i’m not. Live and let live. In all aspects. Let people have 30 round mags for self defense / sport shooting, let people marry whomever they like. But i saw it apropriate to make a point out of your “this or that” hypothetical there. Really doesn’t matter who you’re married to if you can’t lawfully defend yourself from criminals.

          “int19h says:
          February 19, 2013 at 16:15

          We ‘libtards’ would gladly not vote for Dems if Reps would stop being bigots and offered a choice of candidate who wouldn’t oppose same-sex marriage and other important social freedoms. As it is, it’s the choice of which rights and freedoms you want to lose. Don’t be surprised when people vote for the one that’s more important to them personally -after all, you do the exact same thing, it’s just that your priorities differ.”

    • avatarBob says:

      I hope people realize that we are absolutely losing the war here. Losing badly.

    • avatarJMS says:

      “And the cancer grows. People are going to run out of places to move to…”

      Yes, and then the utopian states with high crime rates will blame the free states with high gun ownership (and low crime) for their problems.

      • avatarGS650G says:

        Very true. Chicago blames Indiana for illegal guns yet Muncie doesn’t have anywhere near the crime rates Chicago does.

    • avatarTotenglocke says:

      You’re also ignoring the fact that by gun owners moving into pro-gun states, they increase the population of those states, thus (if enough gun owners move from anti-gun states) increasing the number of seats pro-gun states get in the House and ensuring that no anti-gun bills will pass through congress.

    • avatarHooda Thunkett says:

      Colorado’s been Calif0rnicated for a long time. Libs move in, demand the same californicated lifestyle, taxes go up, dems/libs get elected…

      • avatarTotenglocke says:

        So what you’re saying is Californian’s are like locusts – they move to a new state, ruin it with the same failed policies, then leave and go to the next state to repeat the process.

        • avatarTex74 says:

          They’re trying to do the same thing in Texas but I think we can keep a lid on them. I think….

        • avatarMark says:

          Come to Texas and see what we do to ya! Commie Bast#rds.

        • avatarRipVW32 says:

          No, not locusts.. they at least have a beign purpose, as in they do what is in their best interests… More like a Virus, eating and destroying just for the sake of destroying…

      • avatarrobert says:

        I forget which two states it was.. but some pastor or something had moved from a liberal anti-gun state to a pro-gun state, and actually was silly enough to write the governor or senator expressing his dis-satisfaction with that rep’s pro gun stance, and the rep basically told the person if you don’t like it you’re welcome to leave. We need a lot more politicians like that. All these people blindly following the government’s propaganda (especially feinstein showing video of a fully automatic and saying those need to be illegal when they already are)…. Should just get out of the country if they really don’t like fellow citizens owning semi automatic firearms (which fire a SINGLE round per trigger pull.. not the propaganda crap they’re lapping up on a daily basis).

    • avatargeorge gras says:

      I think the no-carry on campus is allright but,,,,the 2nd amendment must be adhered 2,,,or mount an effort to change it,,,due process isn’t just what you feel about an amendment,,it’s hard work to change one and it should be,,,,,,Remember the constitution,,,(if some of you even know what that is)

    • avatargena says:

      We would love the gun company moving down here to Texas, where people still enjoy the Bill of Rights and our governor is a gun carrier, hunter, and there is no way gun control will get anywhere here in Texas.

  2. avatarPowers says:

    I have a place in Colorado. Just a small cabin. I wrote and called everyone..I really love the place. But I will leave it if I need to. What a crock. These laws stop nothing. And now they just lost a great company doing business in their state. Not only providing jobs, but supplying our armed forces.
    I hope it hits these lawmaker hard in the elections. I hope Magpul can take as many of their workers with them and that Colorado never again kicks out a productive money maker for the community. And I am sorry to all who live there full time and can’t pick up and leave.

    • avatarKeith says:

      These laws don’t stop nothing. What they stop is the means to righteous rebellion. The very avenue back to liberty that the 2A is meant to keep clear.

    • avatargena says:

      If the company moves to Texas, I would only hope that they leave any liberal employees behind who vote for or support those who would take their liberties away. We have a lot of people moving to Texas because of economic freedoms and many of those are liberals who are trying to drag the liberal policies that bankrupted their former states with them to Texas. We don’t need them or want them here.

  3. avatarMike Lindsey says:

    Colorados law will never pass the courts.

    • avatarstx102 says:

      Keep saying crap like this. Just like the people who were saying “It won’t pass” a few weeks ago when these bills were introduced.

      The false bravado and presumption of safety that so many of us have will mean the end of our rights.

      It’s this same hubris and passivity that caused these bills to pass today.

      We need to stop talking about “free states” too. EVERYONE’S rights are at risk; soon, Magpul will run out of states to run to.

      “It can’t happen here” and “Don’t worry, the courts will sort this out” are two very dangerous attitudes to have. The time to nip these bills in the bud were when they were in committee, before they gained momentum. But it looks like a few too many people were convinced to “not worry” because “it won’t happen here”. Well, it did. And it will in other places.

      • avatarJH says:

        I agree. We HAVE NOT won. Keep up the fight. Lobby your congressmen for their support. Don’t give in!

        • avatarHowdy says:

          Won what? They know they can’t get this done federally and now are trying to backdoor this. Colorado is another example of this.

      • avatarDarren says:

        I was equally sure, based on prior SCOTUS precedent, that he McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform law would not pass SCOTUS review. The prior SCOTUS rulings were pretty clear, money is speech and speech is protected.

        Took five-plus years to get most of McC-F repealed with the Citizens United decision.

        Never bet on the courts. John Roberts finding a way to slice the baby with the Obamacare ruling (calling it a tax) is just another example. Liberals are dependable in court situations, but conservatives are for the most part not so if you are counting on the courts as a bulwark your faith will occasionally be badly misplaced.

        Better to not elect politicians whose views you do not agree with than to count on unelected judges to undo bad ideas.


      • avatarbuffalo538 says:

        “With all this gun control ” talk I haven’t heard one politician. Say how they plan to take away guns from criminals, just law abiding citizens !!

    • avatarMerits says:

      I thought that the campus carry was recently decided y the colorado supremes? How can they pass another law?

      • avatarTex74 says:

        How can obama pass out executive orders like he’s the king in a monarchy and bypass congress so much? Legally they can’t but the checks and balances aren’t doing what they were intended to. Politicians and particularly dems are running amock without any restraint.

      • avatarint19h says:

        It was decided by the Supreme Court, yes, but the decision hinged on the fact that there was a state law explicitly permitting campus carry, and municipalities could not override that law. It was never a constitutional issue. So now they just changed the state law in question.

    • avatarVeritas says:

      Are you serious? Dream on.

    • avatarBrian says:

      Even if that is the case, most of the time the courts only toss portions of the law. Or at least say in the opinion ‘If they would have only went this far…we would be cool with it’. Just narrows the options but still expands the infringement of our rights.

    • avatarDoctorwood says:

      Never pass WHICH court? By the time any case got to the US Supreme Court, it it VERY likely that it won’t be the same one you see today. If two conservative (or one conservative and one swing) justices leave, BHO will attempt to replace them with justices who interpret “apple” as “shoe” if the need arises. And Congress’ prolonged attempts to block ratification will only leave a 4-4 lib-conservative tie (a tie upholds the law) or even worse, a 4-3 lib-conservative majority. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid of “the courts”, at least for four more years. And the trend in elections is likely to continue as BHO adds millions of ‘undocumented’ voters from Mexico.

  4. avatarRoss says:

    Sad day for CO.

  5. avatarWilliam says:

    Just look at that joyous embrace. “Colorado is FINALLY SAFE!”

    A couple of VERY useful idiots.

  6. avatarGreat Lenin's Ghost says:

    Great news :) Another state safe from Hillbillytrash :)

    • avatarWilliam says:

      Yeah, Denver’s sure to safe to go to now. No “hillbilly trash” like me there. Racist, classist phony.

    • avatarBill in IL says:

      Your use of emot – icons and the intellectual level of your posts tell me you must be 12 – 14 years old. Either that, or a severe case of arrested deveolment.

    • avatarBill in IL says:

      Your use of emot – icons and the intellectual level of your posts tell me you must be 12 – 14 years old. Either that, or a severe case of arrested development.

    • avatarWLCE says:

      troll somewhere else nutter.

    • avatarGyufygy says:

      Why all the hate for hillbillies? Sheesh. Jerk.

      Also, I take umbrage to your dismissal of emoticons! >:(

    • avatarPatrick says:

      Guys, I’m pretty sure this is satire. Every post of his seems to be this way. Anyway, if he was serious, this comment wouldn’t be worth a response. Also, don’t “hate on” the smileys. :)

  7. avatarBrian S says:

    do these morons roll some combination of dice to come up with a mag limit?

    • avatarJeff O. says:

      1000 round limit?!

      Dangit, you morons I said DON’T use the multiplier die!

    • avatarS.CROCK says:

      i know right?!?!… 7 today, 10 tomorrow, 15 for CO. i think they just pick 1 less than convenient. 7 not 8 because a lot of 1911′s have 8 rounders. and 15 because they knew that a friend of mine was planing on buying some 16 rd springfield xd mags in CO.

      • avatarRipVW32 says:

        I am pretty sure it is because the Mini 14, and it’s like, come standard with a 15 round clip… I think that eventually they are going to try for confiscation of anything over, and ensuring that everyone has a 15 round clip as a fall back will keep them from being fought when they take the 30s +… for some dumb reason, no one really sees it as a bad thing around here…

    • avatarBrian S says:

      Actually, upon thinking about this further…

      I’ll bet they’re picking different numbers in different states on purpose, to make manufacturing mags for specific states more expensive, and more likely to cause accidental breaking of laws by shipping the wrong mags to the wrong states so they can sue the vendors.

    • Haha probably. NY had a critical hit on their roll.

  8. avatarGreat Lenin's Ghost says:

    now, if we can only make being a redneck, a “patriot,” a capitalist and a christian death penalty offenses and we’re all set :)

    • avatarBrad says:

      glg, Isn’t your computer time almost up?

    • avatarUSMC says:

      ^^^ This is the very reason that I own guns. To protect myself from people like you, the people who desire to KILL everyone who are not a part of your dystopian “master race”.

      • avatarGreat Lenin's Ghost says:

        that’s why I own guns too. To protect myself from fox news watching conservascum :)

        • avatarRoss says:

          Looking at your posts and your constant use of smiley faces I have come to the conclusion that you must be around 12 and are posting from your mothers basement on her computer……… I wonder what she will have to say when you get busted?

        • avatarUSMC says:

          Sure, because Fox News desires the massacre of millions of innocent American citizens, unlike yourself. Right?


        • avatarLiberty Is Not Free says:

          Boys, boys…now now. I actually appreciate a living anachroism like G.L.G. It’s not often you see this type of ideology expressed outside of North Korean borders. Think of him as the Red version of “Jurassic Park” meets “Beavis and Butthead”…

        • avatarJarhead1982 says:

          Next GLG will be promoting pedophilia as a right!

        • avatarRalph says:

          Next GLG will be promoting pedophilia as a right!

          It’s probably the cause of his mental illness.

        • avatarSammy says:

          Please, do not feed glg. The trollbelien is high with this one.

        • avatarpat says:

          Thankfully, few leftists (especially of this loons…Stalins… magnitude) in this country have firearms in near the quantity conservatives/independants/hell, even moderate libs do.

    • avatarMister Fleas says:

      Will somebody please ban this troll? He contributes absolutely nothing. He has no arguments, just flame bait.

      • avatarGreat Lenin's Ghost says:

        this site is for gun enthusiasts. I love weapons, especially good soviet made arms :)

        I just happen to think guns are best kept out of the hands of repugniscum. :)

        • avatarJarhead1982 says:

          Anyone have the interpeters guide for chimpaneeze as GLG is speaking in what appears to be the limited intellect language known only to simple primates?

      • avatarLeo338 says:

        I sent an email a few weeks back expressing my concern about him. All they did was delete his post. I guess I may have to stop visiting this site if they continue to allow trolls to take over the comments section. Perhaps if more people emailed them they would take it seriously? Sort of like we have to do to our senators. Although that too doesn’t seem to be working.

        • avatarJarhead1982 says:

          You cant let sociopathic progressives dictate the conversation, they win, so treat them like the pedophiles they truly are!

        • avatarBrian S says:

          or we could all just ignore obvious trolling and stop responding, so it get’s bored and moves on to planning a mass shooting to make us all look like psychos

    • avatarCharles5 says:

      In all seriousness, what is your base line? You claim to be a gun enthusiast and a communist, yet you desire to have gun rights removed from those you disagree with. Where is the equality of the people in that?

    • avatarjwm says:

      Ghost, you claimed to have a successful book store. Doesn’t that make you a capitilist? Suicide is your only honorable option. That, or admit you’re lying about your self and your beliefs. Which is it?

    • avatarS.CROCK says:

      you crossed the line a long time ago. hitler had similar desires to yours.

    • avatarVeritas says:

      I love the Obamaists. They are so transparent. Yes commissar we will render people’s justice to all those you deem unfit.

    • avatarDJ says:

      Never wrestle with a pig. You just get covered in mud, and the pig likes it.

  9. avatarWyocowboy says:

    Wow, I’m beginning to wonder if Colorado is a lost cause. There are still a lot of good people living outside of the big cities, but certain areas like Denver are becoming more and more liberal. I sure hope Wyoming doesn’t go down this road.

    • avatarSixpack70 says:

      I have a feeling many states are going to become more blue over time as we become less rural and more urban. We will see fewer people supporting the 2A because of the MSM/Education system propaganda that they are able to spew without anyone questioning it. This does not mean I will stop trying to reverse this crap and write my legislators.

    • avatarJoke & Dagger says:

      WTF happened to Colorado when I wasn’t looking? Last I heard Colorado was a bastion of American rugged individualism.

      • avatarDyspeptic Gunsmith says:

        As I indicated on another thread, this image of Colorado has been rather over-sold for quite some time.

        The history of leftist unions and union violence in Colorado is quite long, going back a century and more. As a result, the state’s politics have always tended towards the Democrats, and now the Democrat party has bought into gun control as a way of “beating the Republicans.”

        The appropriate response by the Republicans while working against the gun control agenda is to dry up the mother’s milk of “progressive” politics – the unions. Colorado is a union labor state, and turning CO into a right-to-work state as well as taking on the state employee unions the way Gov. Walker did in Wisconsin can de-fund the state-level politics of the gun-banners quite well.

        Because the truth is, almost no one contributes to gun control causes. No one can win heavy-spending political races based on what one can collect from gun control advocates.

        Dry up the unions, and the Democrats can’t pass this sort of legislation easily or at all.

    • avatarRipVW32 says:

      Ya know, Communist Boulder is only about 3 hours South of the Wyoming border… it only took less than a decade to corrupt all of Colorado, so I am guessing going North is their only option… God, I really do HATE people that tell me how I can live, when I don’t infringe on anyone else’s right to live their way….

      On another note, thinking about getting my FFL, though I wonder if it will be prudent at this point in time… I wish I had job options in TX or AK

  10. avatarimrambi says:

    A better headline:

    Colorado passes employment layoff bills that layoffs 600+ people.

    • avatarWilliam says:

      You didn’t expect them to care about THAT, did you? To them, it’s good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • avatarFrank Williams says:

      But now the Dems can take credit for creating 600+ jobs in whatever state Magpul relocates to.

    • avatarRalph says:

      Colorado passes employment layoff bills that layoffs 600+ people.

      Never happened. Magpul is posturing.

      • avatarstx102 says:

        From Magpul:

        “We’re hearing some rumors that the Gov and the Dem caucus think we are bluffing. Just to clarify for them, then…we’re not a political company. We dont play political games. We’ve made our position very clear, very publicly. We would not survive lying to our customer base, nor would we ever consider it. If you pass this, we will leave, and you will own it. We’ve already got plans in place to get PMAG manufacturing moved rapidly, and the rest of the company will follow. We will make sure to at least have a small remain-behind operation through the 2014 elections so that we can remind folks why we are gone.”

        • avatarUSMC says:

          Magpul = Outstanding!

          Loyal Magpul customer right here

        • avatarJavier says:

          @ Magpul
          Please forward a nj only catalog I’ll be happy as hell to buy from you. Or at your web site label your products that are ok in JOISY I’m in.

  11. avatarg says:

    I’m sure Magpul has their plan ready… shall we take bets as to where they’ll move? I’m guessing Utah.

    Sad that the regular people in Colorado are being ignored by their government.

    • avatarRalph says:

      I’m guessing that they stay exactly where they are.

      • avatarg says:

        Nice link. Wyoming makes sense since it’s right on the border with Utah… I was just guessing Utah for the same reason, not to mention it has a fairly large population (to draw workers from) and similar climate.

    • avatarBeninMA says:

      Texas seems more likely. Even if there’s eventually a national ban, the Supreme Court might allow a loophole for components sold within the state they’re made. Texas has a much bigger market than Utah, or any other state that’s likely to go this route.

      • avatarHerb says:

        I sincerely hope Magpul is considering South Carolina. We’re a gun friendly state with a small arms manufacturing plant well established, FN Industries. When you purchase retail, the clerk first asks for your concealed carry permit to save him the phone call to NCIS. They’re disappointed if you don’t have one yet. There are ten times as many deer as there are deer hunters, & most of us hunt deer.

        The cost of living is low to moderate & the climate is definitely pro business. Y’all come!

        • avatarRipVW32 says:

          Deer in S. Carolina are about the size of the goats in CO… The Deer here are huge for the most part… sorry couldn’t help myself… ;)

        • avatarDJ says:

          I wouldn’t rely on FN Industries to get involved in this. Their military contracts are intact regardless of what happens to the 2A.

  12. avatarPascal says:

    Those votes where close, CO you now know which bums to vote out. Good Luck, don’t give up and give them hell!

  13. avatarcharlie says:

    Magpul Should issue a statement about this immediately. and should join in on the band against LEO’s as well.

    • avatarNWGlocker says:

      Bought some Magpul products– just to support them. Oh, that and not ever traveling/vacationing in Colorado

      • avatarBrock says:

        Unfortunately, I won’t be able to buy any Magpul products until they move out of Colorado. Even though it’s tiny, I can’t bare the thought of CO getting even a penny of my money through indirect taxation. In the meantime I will be working on my Magpul wish list. I am convinced they will move, and quickly.

  14. avatarDavid says:

    The background tax may be struck down as part of TABOR. Hopefully the universal background check registration will as well. The ban on campus carry will probably also makes its way (back) to the CO SC.

    Hickenlooper seems to sway with the wind, and hopefully he can be convinced that the wind is blowing hard against this tyranny. He has harped frequently on his recent success in bringing jobs to the state and growing the economy; losing several highly profitable companies and over a thousand jobs will put a firm stake in that idea.

    More importantly, people need to remember this garbage in two years.

    • avatarRipVW32 says:

      No it won’t … it isn’t a tax. It’ll go the way of the additional ‘fees’ added to the registration of your vehicle… As a ‘fee’, it isn’t impacted by TABOR… Don’t you love the way our Congressmen act in good faith with the laws here in CO?????

  15. avatarDamon says:

    Wow. I’ll wait for the vote in the senate before i decide too much but the Fiance and I have been talking of moving to Colorado for the last 3 years…. guess those plans are all up in smoke :/

    maybe southern wyoming if they stay free.

  16. avatarAvid Reader says:

    I’m certainly pretty bummed about it. For anyone in the area, the NRA ILA is hosting a meeting in Littleton on 2/26 to develop local plans.

    • avatarstx102 says:

      2/26? Jesus, what is wrong with the NRA? This thing is moving quick.

      The NRA does realize it’s not 1970 anymore, right? You can get word out and get people together in days, not a week and a half. If there’s a slim chance of this being stopped in the Senate or at the Governor’s desk, not a single day should be wasted.

      • avatarAvid Reader says:

        They’ve been here lobbying, along with RMGO, who had a session with Dave Kopel on Saturday.

      • avatarBob2 says:

        It is not the NRA’s fault. The transition to totalitarianism always happens this quickly. The NRA is making a gallant effort, but they are fighting an enemy who does not play by the rule of law.

  17. avatarPrikasky says:


    • avatarPCnotPC says:


      • avatarHal says:

        This. Your business will sell more mags just by being associated with Texas. If you slap the shape of Texas on a PMAG you’re going to increase your sales by a large margin because Texans will giv eup all their other mags to buy yours.

        If you set-up in Leander next to Larue Tactical, you would also have Best of the West nearby which has excellent range facilities.

  18. avatarBlehtastic says:

    Yea, siding with the drug legalization movement is a great idea. They clearly care deeply about personal freedom.

    /end sarcasm

    • avatarRobert says:

      How is decriminalizing what people choose to put in their own bodies and minds against the mantra of personal freedom?

      The “war on drugs” is complete and utter failure incarnate.

      • avatarBlehtastic says:

        Yes, it is, and government should have nothing to say about what drugs anyone uses, but thinking that potheads care about the personal liberty portion of their argument has just been proven to be utterly ridiculous.

        The only freedom most of them care about is the freedom to be a useless stoner, as evidenced by the article above.

      • avatarAaronW says:

        Civil Asset Forfeitures – disgraceful, abusive and unconstitutional, all in the name of “fighting the drug war”

    • avatarJames says:

      your comment makes no sense to me. Discuss plz.

      • avatarBlehtastic says:

        If you are a single issue voter, and legalized drugs are your single issue, then you don’t care about freedom, you only care about getting high. You would be in favor of public transport, and highly regulating/outlawing private transport, as intoxicated driving is dangerous. You would be for banning firearms, because high people make unpredictable, poor choices, with tragic consequences. You would be for the elimination of a lot of freedoms that you believe make it possible to get high without ever having to suffer the negative consequences of your poor choices.

        The Marijuana legalization movement doesn’t care about freedom or government overreach, they care about cheetos and blacklights. Otherwise we would have seen them at our rallies and this would have never happened in one of their states.

        I’m all for as many freedoms as possible, but given the choice between guns and drugs that it’s obvious we have to make, I’ll choose guns every day.

        • avatarDoug says:

          Supporting the legalization of marajuana does not mean you support more regulations or an outlaw on travel, guns, etc. any more than supporting the ending of prohibition meant those things. Your assertion that if people can smoke weed without going to jail that there will be massive increases in DWI and drug influenced gun deaths is pretty dumb.

          I don’t smoke or do any other drugs but I support the legalization of drugs based on liberty. Liberty doesn’t just mean I support the freedoms I personally enjoy, it means I support all freedoms that don’t violate the non aggression principle. This includes all manner of guns and drugs.

        • I disagree. I support legalization and the 2nd amendment.

        • avatarBlehtastic says:

          It doesn’t mean you have to support outlawing those things, but current events show that, by and large, stoners do support outlawing guns. It’s the difference between logic (which I support) and how people are actually thinking (not at all).

  19. avatarNS says:

    What is the extent of this universal background check? Are private sales without background checks now illegal?

    • avatarMark N. says:

      Not yet–the Senate has to pass the bill and the governor has to sign it before it becomes law. The background check is unchanged–Co. runs its own system, but its basically the same as a NICS check. You just have to pay for it. The proposed cost is pretty small. In Ca., its $25 for a DROS(which actually exceeds the cost to run the system, but in response to a suit seeking to return the excess to gun buyers and to reduce the fee in the future, the Legislature passed a bill devoting the excess to seizure efforts by the DOJ to confiscate weapons owned by now prohibited persons.)

      • avatarHowdy says:

        You need to be a little more outraged. It’s a death of our rights by 1000 cuts. Every nibble or adjustment we allow just emboldens these people.

        In the senate, it’s 20-15, dems. We need to move 3 votes across the aisle and keep all 15 of the repubs. I don’t see it happening.

        On top of that, the passage of these laws are elitist and hypocritical. Of course, some state and government employees are exempt from any of this. That’s just great. Exempt everyone who has to mop-up. Ham string those who need it the most. Thanks, most dems, for punishing the innocent.

  20. avatarLauderdale Vet says:

    I’d invite them to move to Florida, but I worry about my own state as well. Safe today, sure, but tomorrow? I have my doubts.

    • avatarDJ says:

      Lotta liberals from the Northeast moving down there. If some type of amnesty that gives illegals the right to vote passes FL is toast (and Texas is hurting).

  21. avatarSovereign says:

    I’m surprised no one posted this yet.


  22. Assuming the background check passes the Senate, which is a bit like assuming the sun will rise tomorrow, yes, private sales will be illegal. We did get some wording changes for the worst parts of that law, but it was small potatoes. The plan here at the Secret Hidden Bunker is to hang in CO until the 2014 elections. I plan to personally visit each of the swing districts, holding a free firearms training seminar and gun owner meeting and explaining in simple, easy-to-understand terms that their “Don’t worry about me…I support the Second Amendment” Democrat SOLD THEM OUT!

    Michael B

  23. avatarKurt Peters says:

    I wouldn’t trust firearms to a bunch of stoners so it’s probably a good thing.

    • avatarRipVW32 says:

      Seriously??? EFF off! The majority of ‘stoners’ live in Denver and Boulder.. the rest of us are made to suffer them, and now it looks like we’ll be less armed to deal with the ‘non-violent’ pot heads and thieves that rob the ‘dispensary’ right down the street from me…

  24. avatarstateisevil says:


    To all who think there is a legislative-voting solution to this in CA, NY, NJ (not sure about CO), you are wrong. The demographics speak for themselves. You think with all these immigrants (who LOVE their slavery) that you’re going to change the composition of the state houses? What a joke! The only thing to do is contribute to SAF in the hopes scotus will void mag restrictions, grant shall-issue and semi-autos before the cancer spreads. AND BRING NEW SHOOTERS INTO THE FOLD. All you ammo horders are making the last point impossible right now, doing the anti’s work for them. FU.

    • avatarRalph says:

      Californicated. The process started a long time ago, when Vail, Aspen and Breckenridge started to attract the wealthy scum from NY and Cali.

    • avatarg says:

      “You think with all these immigrants (who LOVE their slavery) ”

      Yeah, with that attitude, we’re sure to attract MORE immigrant gun owners and 2A allies! (/sarcasm)

      As a 4th generation descendant of immigrants, and as a person with many immigrants in his family and circle of friends, attitudes like that are the reason why we’re in the mess we are in.

  25. avatarPyratemime says:

    Damnit. That is probably were my next duty station is. Still better than CA or MA which are my other two choices.

    • avatarthatoneguy says:

      Yep, I hear ya. Headed there this spring. At least I’ll be there before the 1 JUL cutoff for the totally enforceable magazine cap law…..

  26. avatarJames R says:

    Well one more state to add on the list. This is gonna be a long cold civil war.

  27. avatarJason says:

    Doesn’t HB1226 directly contradict the recent Colorado Supreme court ruling? If so, will the law even be enforceable if the bill directly contradicts the CSC?

    • avatarSixpack70 says:

      I don’t think our legislators care what any supreme court says. It’s the spaghetti test. Keep throwing enough at the wall until it starts to stick.

    • avatarJiminCO says:

      The CSC ruling was about CU Boulder restricting concealed carry on their campus. Now there will be a state law restricting campus concealed carry. This does not violate that CSC ruling; in fact, it makes the CU restriction unneccesary, since state law will now forbid campus concealed carry.
      The comments about the “immigrants” probably should have referenced the illegal immigrants. The city/county of Denver might as well be Mexico City. “No Ingles” is a common refrain.
      Boulder liberals & Denver democrats pretty much control Colorado politics. None of those politicians give a shit about what I think, I’m not in their district so I couldn’t vote them out if I wanted to.

  28. avatarSeth says:

    Hey Magpul (and CO gunnies), Utah is waiting with open arms.

  29. How did all those lib-tards take control of Colorado??? I thought Colorado was mostly rural.

    • avatarAvid Reader says:

      The major population centers of Denver/Boulder and Pueblo have been Democratic strongholds for years. Ft. Collins is a college town and has trended D lately. The rest of the state (including Colorado Springs) tends to be conservative, but when the Republicans can’t get their act together, coupled with an aggressive, well-funded Democrat/progressive effort, this is what happens. The urban machine gets control. Hello, Illinois. . .

  30. avatarNazgul says:

    This turn of events is a warning to those that are fortunate not to be trapped in an anti gun state such as Colorado. The legislation written to ban magazines was designed to target Magpul. A multi-million dollar firm that was a job and revenue producer for the state. The Progressives have spent a lot of money to turn Colorado into a blue state and advance their agenda. They attack public figures and journalists that do not advocate for the “party line,” while presenting themselves as political moderates. This campaign model has been successful in Colorado, and is intended to be used to convert other red states. This ideology is a cancer. The Progressives either do not know or care about the economic damage they have done to Colorado. The only thing that matters is their morality.

  31. avatarRalph says:

    Why are the two chicks in the picture making out? Did CO just rescind the sales tax on vibrators?

  32. avatarHazzard Bagg says:

    What part of in common use at the time do these amateurs not understand?

    • avatarSixpack70 says:

      They really don’t care. They just foam at the mouth to pass worthless legislation so they can hug each other.

  33. avatarLars says:

    So the CO state government is pro-marijuana but anti-gun. Wow, never thought I’d see the day. And downhill we go as a nation.

    • avatarAnrev says:

      Exactly. I love this state but HATE whats its becoming.

      *stoner voice* “Chill out man. Its all good. Make love not war man. Here have a brownie and some Cheetos. Burn the bra and ban the bomb man…..”

      We havnt seen the full version of the law yet, but so far I havnt seen anything about saying you cant drive across state lines, buy Magpul 30′s and the bringing them home with you.

      • avatarHal J. says:

        That’s addressed in the bill. While you can certainly drive up to Wyoming and buy all the Magpul 30′s you like (assuming they’re in stock…ha!), if you drive them back across state lines after July 1st 2013 you are committing a crime.

    • avatarHal J. says:

      I don’t have the slightest problem with marijuana being legal, and voted for it to be so. I’m in favor of freedom across the board.

  34. avatarWyndage says:

    Colorado is going to look incredibly stupid if SCOTUS smacks down magazine bans after Magpul has already left the state…

  35. avatarDirk Diggler says:

    actually, people need to find out about getting conventions and other groups to boycott and not hold their annual meetings there. . . . this will hit the tourism industry, esp with respect to skiing and hunting. I have no reason to go to colorado short of a convention or to ski so F**k’em

    • avatardin says:

      this. getting businesses, conventions, and tourists to relocate to other, gun-friendly states is going to have more of an impact than about anything else. hit ‘em in the pocketbook and they’ll start to pay attention.

    • avatarBob2 says:

      Unfortunately, it will take awhile. Most of theses kinds of events are booked several years in advance.

  36. avataruncommon_sense says:

    Hey everyone,

    Colorado House Bill 1224 bans magazines with capacities in excess of 10 rounds, not 15 rounds!

    This is hugely important because some .380 ACP and many 9mm and .40 S&W handguns have magazine capacities in excess of 10 rounds.

    You can read the actual legislation here:

    • avatarHal J. says:

      That was true of the original bill, but it was amended. The bill in its present form bans magazines in excess of 15 rounds (8 rounds in the case of shotgun magazines).

      • avatarNazgul says:

        Heaven forbid that one of the Democrat legislators would no longer be allowed own or transfer his/her Beretta or Sig magazines.

        • avatarHal J. says:

          Given that Colorado isn’t quite solid blue yet, I think the reasoning (such as it was) behind amending the limit from 10 to 15 was “handguns for self-defense are ok, but those black ARs are scary”.

  37. avatarSammy says:

    Please, do not feed glg. The trollbelien is high with this one.

  38. avatarCLynch says:

    Uncommon Sense, you need to find the version that was amended in House Judiciary Committee from 10 rounds to 15 rounds.

  39. avatarHal J. says:

    Ok, here’s the real question: given that by July 1st I have to purchase every normal capacity magazine of 16 rounds or more (9 in the case of shotguns) that I ever expect to need for the rest of my life, which should I go for: a Saiga-12 or a Vepr 12?

  40. avatarAdam says:

    I emailed every member of the CO senate and the governor and told them to vote these down and I included strong arguments as to why. If anyone is interested in doing the same, below is the email addresses of every member of the state senate and the governor. All you gotta do is copy and paste, tell them to vote no and hit send. Even if you don’t live in Colorado, tell them you won’t visit the state or buy products that come out of the state. If states keep going this way it just sends a message to other states and the feds that this is OK.

    • avatarLarry2 says:

      Thank you Adam. I emailed them all this evening. Hopefully the Senate will vote this down.

      • avatarAdam says:

        I also posted their emails on facebook and urged all my friends to email them, either to tell them they won’t be getting their vote or to tell them they won’t allow CO to see any of their money if they live outside the state. One of my co-workers was pretty apathetic about it, talking about corruption in the system. I told him we couldn’t fix the system by not getting involved.

    • avatarBob2 says:

      Question…do any Democrat in Colorado listen to their serfs? They don’t in my state.

  41. avatarSeth says:

    Tired of seeing more and more states pass restrictive laws like this and generally eating away at what freedoms you still have left? Looking to join a large and motivated group of liberty loving activists who are not only fighting but WINNING against government overreach like this? Come check out the Free State Project at . We’ve managed to get many liberty loving folks elected to the state legislature, and we’ve helped lead the charge against freedom killing measures like this, as well as helping to lead the charge to repeal freedom restricting laws.

  42. avatarGar says:

    Colorado? Damn, Colorado used to be a Western state, a cowboy state, a free American state. Who are those people now? Californians? Oregonians? Washingtonians? New Yorkers? WTF happened to Colorado?

    • avatarMamba says:

      See Avid Reader’s book link post up above.
      NO state is safe, altho’ states with less desirable climates, demographics and economies may be further down the hit list.

  43. avatarLance says:

    Now its not all over Republicans can switch and kill the ban with flipping only 3 Dems on the issue its possible keep calling!!

  44. avatarJohn D says:

    The democrats that voted against the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans in Colorado will be remembered. Getting a bill passed in the senate is one thing, getting people to obey and comply with these illegal and unconstitutional laws is something all together a different thing. Did they not take an oath the protect and defend the Constitution of the United States? Do or does not the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States say “Shall not be infringed”? They just broke their sworn oath and that makes them traitors. If they do not have to obey our laws why do they think we have to obey their illegal laws?

  45. avatarPATRIOTCDRUSN-RET says:

    COCA can have each other!!!!!!
    I will not spend a dime in either state and boycott anything that has to do with them!!!!!

    MAGPUL and all you 2nd amendment backers are welcome in South Dakota.

    We have an abundance of jobs; business friendly state & local government; no state income tax; except for the cost of gas a reasonable cost of living; great outdoor sports opportunities and the liberals have been relegated to a small “whining” minority.

    Keep pounding on them!!!!!!

  46. avatarSoccerchainsaw says:

    May a rain of 10,000 flaming arrows fall upon that capitol….

  47. avatarADub from TTAC says:

    The remaining 2A states need to pass constitutional amendments with no ambiguity so that this doesn’t happen there. Anti-gunners are like locusts: they’ll move from state to state, ruining everything, until they ruin everything.

    • avatarandarm16 says:

      Nah, places with god awful climate and no scenery worth looking at should be safe. The only problem is, when you factor in places not already progressive, you’re kind of limited to the current red states of the Midwest. (mostly upper Midwest)

      • avatarMamba says:

        Yep, echoes what I posted to Gar earlier.
        Personally, we’re eye’n KY (the state, not the jelly). But we’ll hang-on here as long as we can.

  48. avatarTim says:

    We need to realize as gun owners that it is now past the time for emails and letters. It’s past the time for us to be sitting in our homes watching our rights, our fellow Americans rights, taken away. The opposition has us on our heels, and we do nothing but send empty letters and keep shallow hopes that our elected government will side with us. Our best ammunition of words and reason has become scarce. We need to protest. PEACEABLY!! We as owners, collectors, advocates, extremists, citizens all need to band together and protest.

    This week protesters marched on Washington, D.C. Against the keystone XML pipeline. A mere 40000 people marched for what they believe in. Yet we’re willing to sit quietly for what is right.

  49. avatarSilver says:

    Another day, another treasonous act by our government, and another day in which supposed citizens fail to follow the demands of our forefathers on what to do with traitors. Something about a tree of liberty and what it needs to be refreshed with.

    But yeah, you all keep on “writing your reps” and “make your voices heard.” Pathetic. You’re as deluded as the gun-grabbers who think outlawing the means to their own protection makes them safe.

    This is what true Americans are supposed to do in the face of tyranny. Unfortunately, citizens like that don’t exist anymore. Just like our rights.

    I simply don’t understand…why is everyone around here so worked up about losing our 2A rights when you don’t even use the rights how they’re intended anyway? Any CO subject (newsflash, you’re not citizens anymore) who complies with these laws has no business calling himself an American.

  50. avatarSWVAtac says:

    We should start a “Move Magpul to another state” fund.

  51. avatarjerry says:

    I believe there are (for now) 13 states in which dems have complete control. Both houses of the legislature and the governor’s mansion. I would submit that these states are lost and we should concentrate on keeping the red states red. The voters of Colorado, New York, Maryland and the others considering anti-gun legislation voted to elect liberal democrats. A tipping point was reached long ago. These people have decided they value government services more than freedom. hell, we have people right here on this site who claim to be strong supporters of the 2A and yet voted for Obama. I say cut the blue states loose, and concentrate on what can be saved.

    • avatarAdam says:

      I totally get your lack of sympathy for these states. However every time a state passes more gun control it sends a message to everyone that this is OK and that we’re fine with it. Sending some emails and spreading the word doesn’t take much effort and it might just help stem the tide in other states and federally.

      I was transferred to CO last year thinking it was as gun-friendly as the state I left (and it was pretty much at the time) but I wasn’t here to vote in the last state election and neither were the dozen or so other people that transferred down with me. If it passes I’ll be looking to move when I can but finding another job is going to be tough.

  52. avatarEric says:

    While some of Magpul’s current employees might need to find new jobs soon, so will the folks who wrote/passed these measures.

    • avatarJoke & Dagger says:

      Dream on Eric. These people have been elected for a reason. But if that thought is a lifevest for you, than so be it.

  53. avatarMatt Uguccioni says:

    Ok this picture here with the two dumb libs hugging each other over accomplishing what? What does any of the crap they just passed going to do to reduce gun violence?

    Absolutely nothing!!!!

    Obama knows he might not get a federal ban on guns so he has instruction all his POS gangster libs and RINO’s to do it at the state level. Then buy up all the ammo so the public does not get it. So another lie from this POS dirt bag president. I hope he rots in hell!!! Well he might enjoy hell since hes the devil!!

    I wish death on all our gangster politicians as well. The whole gubment needs to be wiped the hell out!!!

  54. avatarLarry2 says:

    Just sent to the CO legislators.

    I’m sad to hear that you passed four gun control bills today.

    As a result, I’m never going to spend a dime in Colorado. I won’t even connect through Denver on an airline.

    I’m also going to be contacting your major manufacturers and let them know that your decision will affect their bottom lines.

    Your arcane laws will not likely save one life and not a single law passed today was anything but political posturing.

    I can’t wait until election season comes to vote out EVERY single person supporting ANY gun control measures.

  55. avatarPsywarrior says:

    Thank God I live in Arkansas. Magpul, if you’re reading come here. Umarex/Walther got a tax break, I’m sure we’d hook you up.

  56. avatarLarry2 says:

    Note this still has to pass the Senate. I would suggest contacting those in the CO Senate and asking them to vote down all of those anti-gun bills.

    I just received this from Senator Larry Crowder:

    I am and will be a staunch supporter of the 2nd amendment. I took an oath to uphold the constitution, and I take seriously and will stand by this I hope to hear more from you in the future. All gun bills still have to come before the Senate. Also, I am not towing a line with a party, As a veteran I actually believe what I say in this e-mail

    Larry Crowder
    State Senator

    You may wish to thank him for his support.

  57. avatarRich says:

    At least our dumb a$$ politicians came to their senses:

    It’s off the table and damn well better stay that way!!

  58. avatardin says:

    So after this bravo sierra passes the senate and Hickenlooper signs it into law, how are they going to explain away the next mass shooting that happens there?

  59. avatarJames says:



  60. avatarRobert M says:

    I wonder how many Colorado democrats are going to loss there seats because the NRA will point out there voting record come November 2014. The real question is will the Republicans be able to field candidates that can survive the Chicago style machines that Colorado now has.


  61. avatarGreg says:

    In before the next Colorado mass shooting because everything they just passed will not stop any mad man from getting guns.

    What they should have done is passed a law that allows dangerous crazy folks to be detained and their mental state to be evaluated by any LWO or mental healthcare provider. Well, since every single one of these mass shooters were know to be dangerous.

    And SC welcomes Magpul.

    • avatarRipVW32 says:

      And who determines who is/isn’t mentally incompetent? Gov paid health providers??

      Ya, I don’t have ANY clue where that will end up…. (/sarcasm)

  62. I’m confused. Didn’t the state court just tell them that all state colleges must abide by the same carry laws as the rest of the state? Isn’t the bill to ban carry on campuses in direct violation of that ruling?

    • avatarBob2 says:

      Yep, but there is this funny thing about up and coming totalitarian governments…they don’t care.

    • avatarint19h says:

      It did, because there was a state law requiring the colleges to do so. Now that law is amended to ban carrying on campuses, so it does not contradict the earlier SC decision (only common sense).

  63. avatarmog says:

    There can be no common sense laws, if sense is not common, on either side of the issue.

  64. I am not surprised by the vote. I am interested in seeing if the gun manufacture keeps their promise of moving out of state, may to Texas where they’ll be welcome. “Be careful of what you wish for” as the saying goes.

  65. avatarJiminCO says:

    damned recaptcha thing.
    killed my post.
    So, here’s the short version…
    Dems will mobilize the college students with “feelings” and “fairness”.
    Repubs will mobilize the religious zealots with “no gay marriage”.
    I’ll vote Libertarian again, my vote will be wasted, & I’ll be stuck with liberal idiots.

  66. avatarnoodles66 says:

    …great, exchange the Drug War for a Gun War… …that makes sense… …if nothing else, Stoners don’t need guns… …HAY..! maybe Colorado is on to something.

    Peace… …if we can find it.

  67. avatarjose says:

    Colorado-Land of the stoned and disarmed. (I will never visit there again).

  68. avatarcrockett says:

    California, New York, and Colorado now. I have no respect for anyone in office who helped put this through. Good job Colorado you just made plenty of people loose their job because Magpul has to move. Hold on everyone this is going to be a rough ride for us gun owners and I mean it is going to get bad.

  69. avatarJAQUEBAUER says:

    The fruits and nuts from California have over the years relocaated to Colorado for cheaper living and housing costs. Their Marxist beliefs and mindset were in conflict to the Cowboy Way of the Rocky mountain state, and so with their wads of cash the Marxists bought votes and slowly took over the state Government, which resembles the Kremlin today. I will no longer travel to Colorado in my annual trek to camp the outdoors, and end my average expenditures of $10,000 per year.

  70. avatarKeith Ando says:

    Great news for Republicans and the 2014 elections. Now to recall the governor !!!

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