ArmaLite Doubles Down on Sales to Ban State LEOs


TTAG just received the following statement from ArmaLite president Mark Westrom:

ArmaLite Continues Support to Law Enforcement Officers

Beginning last week ArmaLite was subjected to a flurry of inquiries about whether ArmaLite would refuse to sell its firearms in New York State in reaction to the legislature’s surprise passage of the worst firearm regulations in the country.  In an unannounced move the legislature passed a law that bans possession of many firearms and renders virtually all rifle and pistol magazines illegal.  That little detail alone leaves their owners either in violation of the law or holders of single-shot rifles and pistols.  It was a dictatorial act of one-party rule . . .

I advised that I had established a policy almost two decades ago that held that ArmaLite would not sell to a state government that denied ownership of firearms to the honorable citizens of the state.

But I advised that I would, (as during the earlier “Assault Weapon Ban” by the way) continue to sell to individual Police officers and to Sheriff’s and other departments that support private ownership.

We have been contacted by a group of respondents opposing the purchase of rifles by Police officers and supportive law enforcement organizations in New York. Wholesale abandonment of even the good law enforcement officers of New York state has become a litmus test for some and cannot be in the interest of gun owners or manufacturers.

But that’s no more proper than the cries of those who would take away the rights of gun owners, and disregards the fact that the majority of Police officers are themselves gun owners. Many of them frequent

When I was a Police officer I was required to purchase my own pistol, rifle, and shotgun. The same is true of many Police officers today. We at ArmaLite observe that the majority of our rifles now used by Police officers were purchased by the officers themselves. I will not abandon them because of the actions of their State legislators. I will support them to the extent allowed by law.

I appreciate the support of those thoughtful citizens that understand the principle of avoiding dealings with political institutions and leaders who would violate our Second Amendment rights while supporting the rank and file and the good officials who support us all.