A-Rated Joe Manchin is Against an Assault Weapons Ban. For Now. Really.

Poor Joe. The Hamlet of The Mountain State has been having a little trouble making up his mind on this whole gun control thing. As someone who just loves to tout his NRA endorsement, he was against it before he was for it. Only now he’s against it again. Honest. As thehill.com reports, he told an MSNBC talking head that¬†“I do not support an assault weapon ban because the definition of assault weapon is still hard to come by. So I am not going to comment on people’s legislation. I do not support that approach right now.” For today anyway. We don’t know if hearing from the folks back home had anything to do with it, but right now the answer is a firm no. Like Shrek’s buddy the donkey, he’s a believer. In the Second Amendment. At least until someone else gets shot. Or until he’s collared in the Senate cloakroom by DiFi or one of her civilian disarming henchmen. It can be so darned hard to know what you believe in when all you really care about is getting elected.