.2/23 National Day of Resistance: Will You Be There?

By Dan Nugent

As you might have heard, February 23 has been named a national day of resistance against gun control and civilian disarmament, a day of scheduled nation wide. Here in New Hampshire we are gathering at our state house (there’s a proposal to eliminate our “stand your ground” protections) at noon to show our support for gun rights both federally and locally . . .

Rallies can be a great way to get the message out, but it’s critical not to scare off honest folks who may be on the fence about the issues at hand. An “extreme” point of view is a tough sell to someone who may be sheepish about firearms. As correct as your view points may be, it is important to tone it down sometimes, stick to the facts and point out how “the figures don’t lie, but the liars can figure”.

I have personally “converted” many of my co-workers just by taking them out and letting them shoot. Once you get across the point that guns are not evil and that they’re frequently used for good, it opens up the doors to an educational and intelligent conversation. Most people are just misinformed. That being said, there are also the folks who have their heels dug in and there’s nothing you can really do. Sometimes it’s best to just let them go. An argument that escalates generally make the Pro-2A guy look like the “nut job” while the other comes off as a logical thinker.

Remember, the second amendment isn’t about hunting — keep your camouflage and blaze orange to a minimum (if at all). The media loves to seek out the crazies in the crowd, so keep your answers short, sweet and to the point. Check out dayofresistance.com to find your local rally. Also search on Facebook and spread the word!