Gear Review: Propper Cover Hoodie

Down here in Austin, Texas, winter is less a state of mind and more an afterthought. While others shiver, we prepare for June through September and the days in the triple digits. So when RF shipped me a hoodie to test out, I almost laughed. “Nay,” said our fearless leader, “this is a concealed carry hoodie.” . . .

Indeed it is. The Propper Cover Hoodie looks to be a normal hooded sweatshirt with a slick exterior and a lightweight fleece interior. But hidden in the kangaroo pocket are some discreet access panels that allow you to reach your appendix-carry holster in a relatively sneaky fashion should the need arise.

Comfort and Fit

The Propper Cover Hoodie is extremely comfortable with a very nice, soft fleece interior and well-stitched seams. It seemed to repel animal hair and easily kept me warm down to the 50 degree mark.

I normally wear medium t-shirts and suit jackets sized 40 – 42R. The cover hoodie came in a size large and was (you guessed it) large on me. Sizing runs true to form. One very nice “comfort” feature is the thumb loop at the end of the sleeve that lets you drive the sleeves through an outer layer or when you need to get your hands through the pockets and down your pants.

Getting your hand down your pants

For those who appendix carry, you might just end up loving the Propper Hoodie. Not only does the slick fabric slide up with ease for a normal appendix draw, but the hoodie also has some fancy access holes in the kangaroo pocket that let you get to your piece beneath the cover of your garment. The fabric also has enough stretch to allow a full two-handed grip on your carry gun out to full extension. I had no issues with a “traditional” appendix draw or the sneaky one that the Propper Hoodie affords.

The one downside to the access hole: your kangaroo pouch is rendered nearly useless for carrying day-to-day items. Thankfully, the folks at Propper have stitched pockets on both sleeves for your wallet, keys and possibly a small magazine.


  • Available Sizes: S-2XL
  • Available Colors: Black, Charcoal, Navy
  • MSRP: $54.99

Ratings (out of five stars):

Fit & Comfort * * * * *
Sizing ran true to form, and the fabric is uber soft.

Cool Features * * * * *
That secret access pouch is easily the coolest feature and works very well. The extra pockets and the thumbholes in the sleeves are handy extras.

Function * * * * *
You can get a grip on your appendix carried piece and bring it to bear easily.

Overall Rating * * * * *
This is an excellent garment that’s well-made and extremely comfortable. If you appendix carry, give this hoodie serious consideration.