Why Did It Take the Cops 20 Minutes to Get to Sandy Hook Elementary School?

TTAG reader Rydak emails:

According to media reports (e.g., CNN’s timeline), it took the police 20 minutes to arrive at Sandy Hook from the first 911 call, which specifically when out as “Shots Fired.” I am a police officer of 24 years and not one to take unreasonable criticism of police lightly, so I’m not trying to bash the police. But I also know that where blame is due….well, it’s due. As a police officer, you hear a call for shots fired at a school, and it take 20 minutes to get there? Something is wrong here . . .

Even a person who has no knowledge of firearms or their use against unarmed people, would have to reasonably agree that if a deranged killer has 20 minutes to do their horrible killing unfettered, in a gun free zone no less, the results would have been just the same or even worst if he was armed with a single shot break open shotgun.

I would like very much to know where the police were when the call came out and what took them so long to respond. Considering that according to American Thinker their station house is only two minutes away.

Just a quick context thing about the station house distance . . .

One of the main tenants of policing is that crime don’t occur in the police station, so don’t be there. (To encourage officers to get out and stay visible and proactive.) As such you won’t have many or even any officers in many police stations and even if you do, they are likely sans vehicle.

So there is no telling where the units were on that day. But still, they have their own dept don’t they? The State police were heavily involved, I wonder why? It’s common to call them in if your crime scene guys don’t have the equipment or skill, but they seemed to have it from the beginning.

There are plenty of questions surrounding this tragedy. Before we go banning guns, we need to address the “totality” of the circumstances.

[ED: Google Maps puts the distance at 2.3 miles estimating a seven-minute journey time]