Incendiary Image of the Day II: The White House Waves the Bloody Shirt on Sandy Hook Slaughter

Underneath this morning’s Quote of the Day, TTAG commentator Derek pointed out that logic and reason are not enough to counter the gun control advocates’ plans to ban certain types of firearms and ammunition magazines. Pro-gun control folk achieve their ends through an appeal to emotion. The White House knows this. Hence their decision to release this photo yesterday, ID’ed as “the moment the President learned about Sandy Hook” (a.k.a., the “worst day of my presidency” or “this isn’t what Bush did when he learned about 9/11”). Hmm. Unless the CIC leans against that plush sofa as a matter of course, this would be the moment AFTER he learned about Sandy Hook. Also interesting: it’s an extremely passive pose. Again, where’s the anger? On the other hand, it’s probably a good thing Obama leaves the “resolved and resolute” meme to gun rights advocates. I only wish it wasn’t Wayne doing the R&R. Know what I mean? Two rather pointed comments under the pic post at . . .

“Of course there were no pictures released of Barry receiving news during the 9 hour firefight during which Navy Seals pleaded for support in Benghazi up until they were killed…since those pictures would show ‘The One’ sleeping in preparation for his Nevada fund raising trip the next day. The Democrats never let a tragedy go to waste…if it can further their progressive agenda.”

“Haters all of you. You’re just upset that he’s more intelligent and better educated than ya’ll.”