White House Unveils Citizen Disarmament Program Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11:45 EST

The Vice President’s Citizen Disarmament Committee is set to present its “concrete proposals tomorrow at 11:45 EST. The release is well ahead of schedule; the President promised that the Committee would conclude its work “before the end of January.” The timing is, of course, critical. The Administration knows that each passing day makes it increasingly difficult for All The President’s Men to ram control legislation (e.g., an “assault weapons” and “high capacity” ammunition magazine ban and a “comprehensive” background check) through Congress or, more importantly, issue Executive Orders (EOs). Rumor has it Biden’s peeps will propose 19 EOs. If so, it’s hard to imagine what those might be . . .

Aside from making the ATF’s current unconstitutional FOPA-busting border state long gun registry a national requirement and cracking down on the “sporting purpose” requirement for firearms imports.

Anyway, the unveiling’s going to be a major WTBS (Wave The Bloody Shirt) production.

Children from around the country who wrote letters to the president expressing concern about gun violence and school safety were to attend the event with their parents.

So the presentation will not just be infuriating and deeply worrying to Americans who cherish their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, it will also be nauseating.

TTAG will, of course, blog the release and the subsequent hue and cry.