TTAG Daily Digest: Sam Harris is Seriously Misguided on the Issue of Gun Rights (And That’s Not a Rifle)


“A renewed ban on “assault rifles”—nearly the only concrete measure that anyone is talking about—will do very little to make our society safer,” Sam Harris writes, after eviscerating the logic underpinning an assault weapons ban. “It is not, as many advocates seem to believe, an important ‘first step’ in achieving a sane policy with respect to guns. It seems likely to be a symbolic step that delays real thinking about the problem of guns for another decade or more. By all means, let us ban these weapons. But when the next lunatic arrives at a school armed with legal pistols and a dozen ten-round magazines, we should be prepared to talk about how an assault weapons ban was a distraction from the real issue of gun violence.” It gets worse. Harris attacks the Second Amendment with antique arthritic arguments and then re-flaunts his stupidity. “I support much stricter gun laws. But I am under no illusions that such restrictions would make it difficult for bad people to acquire guns illegally.” Sigh. What is with these people? People like . . .

“Natick Democrat Rep. David Linsky said Thursday he intends to file a comprehensive bill within the next two weeks that will address the type of guns and ammunition that can be sold legally in Massachusetts and who will be eligible to purchase firearms.”

2005 stat [via Breibart]: 605 murders with hammers and clubs and 445 with rifles.

Dana Safety Supply not safe from gun rights advocates; Georgia Sheriff stops buying ARs from company that stopped selling them to civilians.

“When demand for magazines skyrocketed and we saw other companies increasing their prices, we made the decision that we would not increase our prices, and asked E-Lander to increase their production instead.” Israeli Magazine Factory Running Round-the-Clock to Provide AR-15 Mags to the US

“The Redring is not a sight for aiming but for fast, instinctive shooting by providing the user with another reference point to confidently hit the target.” So it’s for aiming, right? My Benelli M4 awaits!

“Not only have my husband and I never talked to them about what to do if they find a gun at a friend’s or relative’s house, we have never talked to them about guns, or gun safety, at all.” A Tennessee-based New York Times Mommy blogger sees the light. Read the comments.

Putnam County refuses to surrender gun permit holders’ info. The battle continues. 

“Norway, Finland, Slovakia, Israel and Belgium were the top five nations suffering the most, per capita, fatalities from rampage shootings during the preceding five years.”

Gun Guru Rob Pincus: books can stop bullets. What should we do with that info?

Impeach Sen. Diane Feinstein for violating her oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, re: AWB petition at just passed “official response” trip wire of 25k

“When ‘Saturday Night Live’ recently reran its show with the fake town hall debate, the exchange about gun control was edited out.” Something about Obama’s pledge to do nothing about gun control. If only.

You can’t fix—or regulate—stupid.