TTAG Daily Digest: Crazy Is As Crazy Does Edition

Good news Marylanders! There’s no need to be crabby about mass shootings any more. A Maryland task force on the subject has determined that “there are ways to limit access to firearms by people with mental illnesses. The key is to identify people who threaten others, or who threaten to hurt or kill themselves.” Why didn’t we think of that? But, uh, who will decide who’s over the wack-o line? “’We focus on the people who actually make threats, and we focus on due process,’ said the task force’s co-chairman, Patrick Dooley, who is chief of staff for the (Maryland) Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.” Here’s the best part: “The study recommends an emergency procedure for police to seize a mentally ill person’s firearms or to deny that person the right to purchase weapons. A court would have to conduct a complete review within 14 days.” Speaking of crazy . . .

News Flash: It’s actually kinda hard to tell who will go postal. Ahead of time, that is. Out here in the real world.

But Russel Nieli has ID’d one predictor — absentee fathers.

Bad guys heart Journal News’ interactive pistol permit owners’ name and address map: “Criminals are always looking for opportunity and words travels through the grapevine—burglars trade secrets and when you see something like that in the paper, that’s is something burglar’s are going to talk about . . . ‘Did you see in the paper where all these people have guns and their addresses?’ and that kind of stuff, they’ll say.”

Ballet dancer turned defense specialist Allison Barrie forgets that LEOs forget what they put in their shotgun. Integrity Ballistics better hope the good guys have integrity and lots of training. 

I wonder if Mr. Fallon will invite someone from the gun rights community to come on his show. Actually, I don’t.

Smoove operator. Although Sade would recoil from that synth track.

Thanks to the US Senate’s arcane rules, one member can throw a monkey wrench in the works when it comes to getting a bill through the legislative sausage-making process. As far as DiFi’s prospective gun ban and registration bill goes, new Texas Senator Ted Cruz says he’s just the guy to do it.