Texas Open Carry Bill Revealed

 (courtesy opencarry.org)

Texas does not allow open carry. Yet. The Lone Star state looks set to rectify that, uh, oversight. Click here to read 83(R) HB 700, introduced by Representative George Lavender, separated at birth from Wallace Shawn. Given the state’s anger at federal plans for civilian disarmament, this may be the time for an open carry bill to make it into law. Watch this space. “This bill is a good first step toward restoring full open carry rights to Texas,” John Pierce from OpenCarry.org tells TTAG. “While we’d love to see unlicensed open carry in all 50 states, we recognize that we may need to reclaim lost ground the same way we lost it … one step at a time. The only change to existing Texas law: permit holders can carry concealed or openly as they see fit. Any politician who opposes such a common-sense improvement to the law will be exposed as an opponent of gun rights.”


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44 Responses to Texas Open Carry Bill Revealed

  1. avatarAlphaGeek says:

    Any politician who opposes such a common-sense improvement to the law will be exposed as an opponent of gun rights.

    Fsck yeah. Now THAT is the kind of muscular, in-your-face-but-civil 2A rights advocacy that I’ve been yearning for. Right on, John Pierce!

  2. avatarTex74 says:

    You’d think with a super majority in Texas this would be an easy pass but I’ve seen less controversial bills get canned over politics. We’ll see if it makes it or not…

    • avatarMike Coffman says:

      I hope it does pass. I want to decide how I want to carry, but you know how politicians are. It should be so simple for them to figure out, but I doubt it will pass.

  3. avatarready,fire,aim says:


    • avatarC. Walther says:

      Ditto, but that doesn’t mean the option shouldn’t be available. During the summer it’d be wonderful to have OC as an option.

      Then again, 1911 in the sunshine with 100+ degree weather…I can see it now.

      “A Fort Worth citizen was involved in a DGU. The mugger was taken to the hospital for multiple gunshot wounds while the citizen was taken in for second-degree burns on his hand.”

      • avatarDavid W. says:

        I don’t know guys, think about it, if the wind blows your shirt open and your gun is shown you can get in trouble. With open carry legalized you can’t get in trouble.

        That’s the way it is in Ohio you won’t get in trouble if you forget to tuck in on a windy day.

        • avatarC. Walther says:

          Like I said, I am all for it and want it. Just probably won’t capitalize on it myself.

          As for the law, OC would do away with the printing law, but in truth those have been relatively a non-issue. The law covers *intentional* failure to conceal. So as long as you’re not being a jackass about printing (or have a really pissed-off cop involved), you should be okay.

          Still, zero chance of prosecution is infinitely better than non-zero.

        • avatarBilly Wardlaw says:

          Absolutely. I may not open carry either, but I want the freedom and safety of knowing that if the situation changes or an event beyond my control should arise, that I won’t loose my permit because of it.

      • avatarready,fire,aim says:


        • avatarLayne says:

          Recently the news reported a ‘gunman spotted on campus’ at the university where I work (in TX). Some college girl claims she saw a gun in a man’s waistband walking on campus (it is legal to CC outdoors). Police swarmed the area and found nothing. You can bet if they had found a man legally CC’ing he would have been prosecuted due to the high profile nature of anything involving the words ‘campus’ and ‘gun’ together. I’ll proudly open carry at work on the first day it’s legal, but I do agree it’s not the greatest self defense strategy.

  4. avatarDrewR55 says:

    As an Okie who has been able to open carry for three months I feel the need to say, “Nah nah nah!”

  5. avatarDustin says:

    Oh. Hell. Yes. Finally not having to shove a 1911 inside my waistband all the freaking time. Now I don’t know about everyone else, but I won’t be open carrying 100% of the time, but it’s nice to have the option. I like it because I can conceal carry in a “normal” holster outside my pants, wear a light jacket or shirt and not have to worry about “printing”. Did anybody else here about the pro2a walk through the stock yards in Fort Worth tomorrow? I was told by a detective that it was OK’ed by the local PD to open carry long arms on the walk. Just wondering if it’s miscommunication or accurate.

  6. avatarPhydeaux says:

    She’s no Texan, where are the cowboy boots?

  7. avatarpk in AZ says:

    I love living in a state that so well recognizes our 2nd Amendment!

    Conceal carry, no permit required!

    Open carry, HELL YES!

    (Sorry if I offended anybody!)

    • avatarDr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

      Shame about the taxes and Pima county pinkos though..

      • avatarpk in AZ says:

        Fortunately, I live in Cochise County!

        Only “bad” thing is, because of redistricting, a good portion of Tucson (dems) voted in gabby giffords secretary..ron barber.

        Another great thing, we also have a Sheriff who truly represents the citizens!

  8. avatarDyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    I’m really of a mixed mind on OC.

    I don’t think it should be outlawed. I just don’t think it’s a hugely smart self-defense tactic.

    • avatarCarlosT says:

      I haven’t seen any real data either way, but the real value of open carry is what others have stated above: it protects concealed carriers. Yes, one should conceal properly, but life happens and things don’t always work out as planned. With open carry, the rise of a shirt or any stiff breeze isn’t suddenly going to put you at risk of committing an offense.

    • avatarPaul W says:

      It’d be nice while I’m out hiking and camping (but we can’t carry at all in state parks, which is frustrating). Or, hell, out driving late at night–as someone that likes looking for wildlife, I spend tons of time out in the small hours because that’s when most small to midsized mammals, most snakes, most amphibians and bats are active.

  9. avatarRokurota says:

    When people tell me open carry makes them uncomfortable, I tell them to carry their own gun. It’s amazing how well it works.

  10. avatarBill says:

    If you live in Texas please contact your state rep and ask them to support this bill. Contact info for your rep can be found here – http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/Home.aspx

  11. avatarPhil says:

    How the hell does Texas not have open carry? I’m from Michigan, a much more liberal state, and we’ve had OC for a quite a while

  12. avatarjaniak says:

    That’s gonna suck for all of those anti-2A Texas businesses with their 30.06 sign etched in their glass window. Most just have signs or stickers, but I’ve seen a few hotels, gyms and theaters with the etching done in Austin, Dallas and Houston.

  13. avatarIn Memphis says:

    Funny how a “majority of responsible gun owners” want some gun control and yet so many states, sheriffs and gun owners are saying FOAD!

    Congradulations Texans and gooduck! I rarely OC but its not all that bad.

  14. avatarChris says:

    Gov. Haley is waiting to sign an OC bill if the SC legislature will ever pass one. We can’t even get carrying in a restaurant that serves alcohol even though permit holders can’t drink while carrying.

  15. avatarAharon says:

    Go Texas!

  16. avatarB says:

    This makes me so freaking happy.

  17. avatarRandy Drescher says:

    Best wishes to TX, I thought you had open carry. A friend moved down there a long long time ago & said Texans carried hog legs walking down the sidewalk. Randy

  18. avatarjuliesa says:

    I hope it passes, but it if it doesn’t, don’t be disappointed.

    In Texas it’s difficult to pass most bills the first time. It’s intentionally hard to pass bills here, and the legislature meets only for a few months, in every other year.

    If it doesn’t pass this time, don’t be shocked. Just keep trying until we get it. And keep contacting your legislator.

  19. Yeah, crazy that you can’t OC in Texas. Like what Phil from Michigan said, we have OC in Washington, no permit required. I do it all the time during the summer.

  20. avatarjkp says:

    If this passes, it’ll cut down on the number of times I say:

    “Texas gun laws: all hat, no cattle.”

  21. avatarMy Name Is Bob says:

    Go Texas, go!!!

  22. avatarChotch says:

    The benefit I see in this law when traveling the the firearm in your vehicle you would not have to keep it concealed.

  23. avatarBob says:

    Shouldn’t need a permit to be able to carry the means of self defense around.

  24. avatarJesse says:

    I need to move to Texas.

  25. avataralex says:

    this would be good as would remove the issues with printing, carrying while hiking, for us lawful bikers while riding..etc etc…since would apply only to permit holders, it’s not like everyone will carry, just the peoples who did the dance to get the permit.

  26. avatarDavid Trest says:

    She’s the poster child for opencarry.org. Not necessarily a Texan.

  27. avatarmarlin says:

    Any police officer that wonders why you are open carrying should immediately call you a pot.

  28. avatarmarlin says:

    or, you should ask, if you wore a silly uniform with a shiny badge would it make it better?

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