Shotguns Are the New ARs

At the beginning of the Great Gun Sales Surge, I found myself at my LGS looking at a brand new Bushmaster AR-15. No offense to the brand’s fans (much) but my SCAR-16 is to a Bushmaster what Mai Barnea is to that woman who bags the rotisserie chickens at the supermarket. So I turned my attention to the long gun rack which, at the time, held long guns. Benelli M4. I thought, well, I already have a tactical shotgun (two if you include my Stoeger Coach Gun). But it’s always nice to have a “proper” ballistic back-up waiting in the second safe room. Done. I don’t think I’m alone in this. Even as manufacturers ramp-up production to refill the empty AR product pipeline, gun owners are looking at shotguns with new/old respect. And while I don’t fancy surrendering any gun to anyone anytime for any reason, ever, I reckon shotguns are Americans’ CHD (Cold Dead Hands) firearm. They are the guns that gun grabbers will never grab. Unless they do. I mean, the M4 is a semi-automatic firearm with a pistol grip. See how that works?