Second Amendment Foundation to Launch National Ad Campaign


Aside from the NRA ad naming and shaming the President for his “guns of my daughters” hypocrisy, the battle against civilian disarmament has mostly been here, in the trenches. The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) plans on busting through the Maginot line next month with a nationwide print, radio and TV campaign. SAF Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb is tight-lipped (i.e. silent) about the message conveyed. Meanwhile, Alan told TTAG the SAF’s 10 lawyers are working on 30+ lawsuits, burning through $80k a month in fees. “Money is the mother’s milk of politics,” Alan said, not-so-subtly asking for a contribution to upend unconstitutional anti-gun laws like New York’s SAFE Act. [Click here to join, make a donation, sign-up for their credit card or hive-off your Amazon purchases.] Speaking of New York . . .

Alan says the SAF’s not rushing into a federal (not State) legal challenge to the Empire State’s fresh farrago of wildly restrictive firearms regulations.

“Although the SAFE Act was passed in the dead of the night, they had this in the works for months, long before Newtown,” Gottleib said. “It’s very cleverly written to avoid Constitutional challenge.

“For example, the part of the bill that allows the transfer of more-than-seven-round magazines out of state avoids the federal law on ‘takings.’ [Click here for Ralph’s article on the subject.]

“Besides, the New York Assembly’s about to amend the law. If we filed now we’d have to amend our lawsuit after they amended the law; if we filed before they amended the Act they’d know our strategy and rewrite their amendment to head us off at the pass.”

Good thinking, Batman. As Gottleib doesn’t have access to the Wayne family fortune, those who like having him fighting crimes against the Constitution might want to consider that link again. Just sayin’ . . .