Sandy Hook Backlash Grows

“The police chief in a Connecticut city [Waterbury] halted permits for gun shows, saying he’s concerned any firearms purchased there might one day be used in a mass shooting.”‘s report is hardly an isolated example of the anti-gun backlash in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School spree killing. “Texas transportation officials, in the wake of last month’s school shooting in Connecticut, are suspending the use of freeway message signs in Houston to provide directions to firearms-related events,” reports. Hoffman’s Gun Center’s Facebook page reveals that the New Britain Connecticut gun dealer “will require a Ct. State Pistol permit to purchase ‘Assault Style’ center fire rifles.” A petition to end AR sales at Walmart’s garnered some over 100K signatures. Meanwhile, liberal pundits continue to call for repeal of the “inconvenient” Second Amendment (e.g. Vanity Fair).