Question of the Day: Will Hunters Stand Up for “Assault Rifles”?

“As a small child I remember my grandfather had his rifle on a gun rack over his bed for protection, my father has a rifle in his home and today, being a farmer and living on a farm, I, too, own a 22-caliber rifle,” John W. Boyd writes at the Uh-oh! HuffPo! “I respect the right to bear arms and support the Second Amendment. But I question what the Sam Hill does a farmer or hunter need with an AR-15 or any assault weapon? What are you hunting that requires the need of a semi-automatic weapon — an instrument used for military warfare? This defies common sense and it should be central during the gun debate. This kind of extremism is part of the reason I do not have an NRA membership. I do not need one to exercise my constitutional rights under the Second Amendment.” That’s music to the ears of the pols pursuing civilians disarmament. Divide and conquer: split hunters from gun rights advocates. Is it working? Will it work?