Question of the Day: Why Does Anyone Need More Than Ten Rounds in an Ammunition Magazine?

“Relations between the King County Sheriff’s Office and the state Department of Corrections have been strained after a sheriff’s detective and a corrections officer reportedly shot a man about 16 times, severely wounding him during a joint operation that took an unexpected turn . . . The man who was shot, Dustin Theoharis, now 29, survived multiple wounds to his arms, legs, torso and jaw, including fractures that required a series of surgeries.” The story at focuses on the righteousness (or lack thereof) of the shoot. For our purposes, the cops shot Theoharis sixteen times and he lived? Huh. The civilian disarmament folks want to limit your ammunition magazines to 10 rounds. Not trying to lead the conversation or anything, obviously, but why do law-abiding Americans need firearms that can hold more than ten rounds?