Question of the Day: Why Do Americans Need “Assault Weapons”?


I’m not a regular Morning Joe viewer. But after Mr Scarborough got General McChrystal to declare that the .223 round (i.e. AR-15-style rifles) are too lethal for civilian ownership I decided to share a cup of Joe with Joe. A guest/yes man unveiled a new civilian disarmament meme: “assault weapons are the drunk driving of gun ownership.” At which point Joltin’ Joe hit a towering foul ball: “Assault weapons are fun. Getting drunk and driving through town is fun.” You should have seen the look on the pneumatic co-host’s face. Anyway, Scarborough insisted (many times) that the Supreme Court had decided “it’s OK to have a handgun in your home to kill someone who means to do your family harm” but the Second Amendment didn’t protect citizens’ right to own an “assault weapon.”Joe asked the question of the day: why does anyone need an “assault weapon”? Your answer below.