Question of the Day: What Gun Would Vasily Zaitsev Have Used If He Could Have Used A Modern Rifles?

Singling-out AR-style rifles as “weapons of war” is like criticizing Yana Blanki for being female. All guns have their roots in war. The concept of a gun is a military concept. The civilian disarmament agitprop trying to make a moral/practical distinction between single-action bolt guns and semi-automatic rifles would be laughable if gun owners were allowed to laugh at the post-Sandy Hook gun control hysteria. Perhaps the best illustration of this point: Vasily Zaitsev. Using a bolt action Mosin Nagant, the Russian sniper took out some 400 enemy troops. Less well publicized: Zaitsev personally trained snipers who killed another 3000 Germans. Anyway, if Zaitsev was fighting the same war but had access to a modern rifle and scope, what set-up would he choose?