Question of the Day: True Story?

TTAG reader kevhead recently made the following comment:

“Obama will seek to turn the tables on those acusing him of breaking his oath by saying he is upholding his oath to protect the Constitution from enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC. A new, emotionally based term will emerge in the near future encompassing most of the people that would post here. This site itself could be viewed as a militant group of gun owners who meet regularly on the internet and often badmouth LEOs and troops. All the talk about what we would do if they come for our guns, and what it would take to start shooting can easily be turned against us along with the photos of our big gun collections and the many thousands of rounds of ammo we use for training. With all the hits this blog gets from across the country what if RF took an active anti govt stance?

“What if he advocated armed insurrection under certain circumstances instead of just threatening to move to TX? Is this site a loosely organized, internet militia? Donโ€™t think for a second that there are not people working behind closed doors right now seeking ways to use the media to popularize a new definition of domestic terrorists that encompasses all of us. Itโ€™s all about control. They already control the first amendment rights. Like Ralph has pointed out the 1A is a fiction of the past. Now they will use it to make the 2A an element of our barbaric past.”

Possible? Probable? I hope I’m wrong, but I think crunch time is coming. It could play out this way . . .

New Yorkers will not, in the main, register their ARs. Someone will rat out someone who owns an illegal AR (30-round mags an all) and some police chief will think it’s his job to go in and get the damn thing and some homeowner will defend his AR with his AR and a SWAT cop or two will get shot and the media will go CRAZY.

At that point, or even before, kevhead’s scenario kicks in. The MSM paints all “assault rifle” owners as madmen/proto-terrorists. The press spreads that meme to include all gun owners, as they did when the Tea Party was ascendant. Call it the James Yeagerization of America.

The ATF gets involved. Someone else gets a visit and does not quietly into that long night go. Or they do, and they become a lightning rod for increased opposition.

All hell breaks loose. At that point, all bets are off. God help us, I hope it never comes anywhere near that. But if it does, yup, I get the proverbial knock in the middle of the night and TTAG goes dark.

Question: are kevhead and I paranoid loons?