Question of the Day: How Do You Make Antis Feel Good About Guns?

After a close encounter of the nearly violent kind with a couple of drunken antis, I’m gun-shy about talking to strangers about firearms freedom. I’ve discovered that facts have about as much impact on pro-gun control types as Mayor Bloomberg’s 16-ounce soft drink limit has on Sapir Yakir (when she’s in The Big Apple). Thirty-round ammunition magazines must be more lethal than 10-rounders. Way too lethal for non-military types. Military-style weapons? No one needs an AR. They just don’t. I’m perplexed. How do you convince non-gun owning liberals that they should reconsider their position; that they need to defend and extend their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms? Taking an anti to the range would be ideal, but getting them there makes Robert Scott’s Terra Nova expedition seem like a quick trip to a McDonald’s drive-thru. Ideas?