Question of the Day: Do You Have a Chest Rig?

I’m not now nor have I ever been a military fantasist. I don’t fancy joining a militia or taking on, well, anyone. But it’s kinda hard to stop at one self-defense gun and a holster and a safe and some ammo. You know; if you’re “serious” about armed self-defense. I mean, a handgun’s great for around town and all. But in terms of home defense it’s best used as an interim weapon on the way to a shotgun. And if you’re going outside to defend your property after, say, a hurricane, an AR-style rifle would be my first choice. And if you’ve got this sort of firearms assortment, you start thinking about how to carry extra ammo and . . . stuff. The prepper thing kicks-in. The next thing you know you’re saying, yeah I should carry around four light sticks! So, where are you on the continuum between one gun and done and a chest rig?