Question of the Day: Are Gun Rights Advocates The Canary in the Coal Mine?


The mainstream media’s coverage of the unconstitutional outrage brewing in The Land of Lincoln has been desultory at best. When Illinois legislators proposed The Mother of All Gun Grabs the legacy media treated the story as a relatively minor development. The New York Times and the TV nets got to it . . . eventually. The story never made it to the top of Google news pile. Which scares me not a little. Does the average American even care about their gun rights? I’m betting they think “Ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines? What’s the big deal?” As you and I know, it’s a VERY big deal. The loss of our Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms could lead to the end of the American dream as we know it. Seriously? Seriously. As a group, we’re sounding the alarm. Question: who’s listening?