President Obama’s Civilian Disarmament Speech (Minus Joe Biden’s Mugging)

If that embed doesn’t work, click here for the thing on YouTube proper.


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54 Responses to President Obama’s Civilian Disarmament Speech (Minus Joe Biden’s Mugging)

  1. avatarPaul W says:

    Nothing’s showing up at all for me. I’m using FireFox for my browsers if that matters.

  2. avatarAccur81 says:

    Same issue on iPhone 5.

  3. avatarjustin v says:

    same for chrome

  4. avatarOK S. says:

    Well, I get it.

  5. avatarFCMatt says:

    Probably another busted video link.

  6. avatarpk in AZ says:

    I think it’s fine…

    Every time I hear the occupier in the WH speak, it makes me want to puke!

  7. avatarTabby says:

    Same…Google Chrome. ;-)

  8. avatarJesus says:

    Clearly there is no error.

    Obama just repealed the First.

  9. avatarRalph says:

    Why minus Joe Biden’s mugging? I think that mugging Joe Biden is a great idea.

  10. avatarPaul W says:

    It’s showing now.
    Can’t say that it’s much of an improvement of course :P

  11. avatarMr aNINNYmouse says:

    When Reagan made that statement, he 1) was no longer President, and 2) had early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

    • avatarchuck says:

      Correct. I have suspected he never wrote it at all. Someone did it in his name, because he was in no position to even know.

  12. avatarensitu says:

    My 14 Month old wrote one of those letters, he had a heck of a time mailing it, so he forced the postman, at the point of an EBR, to do it for him

  13. avatarMr aNINNYmouse says:


    I collect AK variants and look forward to the civilian version of the AK 107.

    How will you reconcile that with a desire to ban what you have brainwashed people to believe are evil guns, Mr. President?

  14. avatarSDFreeman says:

    How about a video without either of them

  15. avatarFlexo says:

    Did you all actually read the 23 executive orders? Go do so before you comment further. None are unreasonable at all and most deal with protecting people that report people with mental health issues from legal trouble and such. As for a renewed AWB and such, very little chance of anything substantial passing Congress.

    Untwist your panties now please.

    • avatarensitu says:

      So you want your doctor to be a member of the Stazzi?
      You want Federal Law as well as th Constitution to be subverted?

      • avatarSammy says:

        We cannot let down our guard. This man cannot be trusted.

      • avatarwoodekt says:

        What are the implications of just lying to your doctor and saying NO?

        • avatarSCS says:

          As a physician I can tell you I have NEVER and will NEVER ask or record that question. I talk about guns with my patients. Usually about what they like to shoot and if they have bought anything interesting lately. The rest is none of my GD business.

        • avatarensitu says:

          I think most DRs are smart enough not to adualt males such questions.
          far easier to ask children. Remember under OCare they will have access to the entire family’s records, just like the Stassi

    • avatark4R-15 says:

      It seems you can read Flexo, but your comment also implies a lack of desire to process the information you read. For example don’t you think it seems peculiar that your Obamacare-funded physician is specifically authorized to ask questions about firearms in your home?

      • avatarthatoneguy says:

        Yeah, but you can always tell him to go f*ck himself…

      • avatarJoe says:

        I am a pediatrician, and have documented the gun question ever since switching to my new EMR 2 years ago since it had a field for it, before that I would ask, but not document. I have started going through everyone’s record and changing the answer to “no” and would encourage all docs to do the same, if you think they won’t turn around and glean that info out of the ether at some point as part of a registration drive you aren’t paranoid enough, and they are out to get you

    • avatarJMDaniel says:

      Not unreasonable! That a person’s mental state and rights to a gun can be determined by just a point of a finger? Are those that think it IS unreasonable to be ID’d as nut cases? Will need to add beds in Bedlam.

    • avatarRalph says:

      All the EOs suck and so do you.

    • avatarmountocean says:

      This speech isn’t about the EOs it’s about the new laws he is proposing to Congress. And they all suck.

  16. avatarWyndage says:

    I think a new “high-capacity” magazine ban is still possible. We need to keep the pressure on our legislators by reminding them that ten-round magazines didn’t prevent Columbine from happening, nor could the DOJ find any evidence in their 2004 report that ten-round magazines hindered perpetrators.

    “We’ve tried this before, and it didn’t work” is the mantra.

    • avatarMatt in FL says:

      “‘We’ve tried this before, and it didn’t work’ is the mantra.”

      That’s good, but I also like, “I will not comply, and I will hold you personally responsible for whatever passes.”

  17. avatarMotoJB says:

    The way he stands on the graves of children to push his biased, misleading and incorrect agenda makes me sick. Republican for life now. Sad to say I was democrat before he came to office. It took Obama to make me finally see the light.

  18. avatarJeff the Griz says:

    TO Robert Farago, did the entire SHOT convention come to a screaming halt with all ears tuned to the speech??? I was wondering if they had the speech over a loud speaker or something…

    • avatarSammy says:

      They just raised the amount of signatures required for consideration of a petition from 25,000 to 100,000.

      We should have been more interested in keeping dangerous people out of the Oval Office.

    • avatarensitu says:

      The WH just changed their policy concerning petitions, I don’t have a link but the # of signatures is being increased by 100′s of %

  19. avatarFredD says:

    Why didn’t obama read the black kids’ letter? He read the other three! Is he racist?

  20. avatarJoseph says:

    Flexo…Please don’t fall for it a second time…if Obama could have done what Cumo did…we would ALL be under a NY style gun ban as of right now. The fight is FAR from over.

  21. avatarDuality says:

    I was waiting for Obama to drop the microphone and yell, “Sexual Chocolate!”

  22. avatarensitu says:

    Rand Paul will attempt to defund the EO’s

  23. avatarLeo338 says:

    You have no idea how hard it is to sit through that entire video.

  24. avatarLeo338 says:

    I agree with one thing he said “If Americans of every background stand up and say enough! We’ve suffered too much pain and care too much about our children to allow this to continue” except this needs to be applied to his presidency. Impeach the SOB and lock him up for the rest of his life.

  25. avatarRobert K. Tompsett says:

    Joe Biden looks like a pediphler!!!

  26. avatarDavid says:

    Lead by example Barack. Get rid of your weapons and I will consider doing the same.

  27. avatarDentalPrepper says:

    Common sense my ass! I have 10 fingers on my hands so magazines shouldn’t hold more than 10 rounds? So, is New York’s 7 round limit also common sense?

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