Paul M. Bangiola, Esq. Responds to Bruce Krafft

 Paul M. Bangiola, Esq. (courtesy

Paul M. Bangiola, Esq. wrote an editorial for called Shooting Holes in the Second Amendment. [Click here to read it.] TTAG’s Bruce Krafft wrote a response to that post entitled Shooting Holes in Shooting Holes in the Second Amendment. [Click here to read it.] Mr. Bangiola has now responded to Bruce’s response in the comments section underneath his post. I know, it’s all a bit confusing. Read the above links and make the jump or make the jump and then read the links. That didn’t help, did it? Anyway, props to Mr. B. for responding to all of his critics both here and on his own site . . .

Paul M. Bangiola, Esq.’s comment on TTAG:

Bruce sent me a private email with a link to this site and his cut-and-pasted response to my Commentary (my email address and web page “Lord Champ”is not hard to find), but did not respond to my invitation to post his full response to my full Commentary on the web site. I suspect he ‘s just another guy with gun muscles who wants an audience limited to those who agree with him. I can tell you that veiled threats and crazy allusion to armed revolution by paranoid authors like Bruce will do more than I ever could to advance the cause of gun control and background checks.

One more thing: Language is important and I have been critical of the loose talk of Treason and Tyranny being spouted by those who claim to support the Constitution until they get out-voted. So, to be fair, I want to disavow the unnecessarily inflammatory headline placed on my Commentary, which was not my title for the piece, It was added by the blog editor, and is not a title I would have chosen. I understand and support the Second Amendment, as finally defined and interpreted by the Supreme Court of the United States, and do not wish to “Shoot Holes” in it. The Commentary itself, however, is all mine and I stand behind it.


Paul M. Bangiola

Paul M. Bangiola, Esq.’s comment at

In case you, dear reader, like Greg Camp above, think that it is unfair to call “Extremists” those who responded to my modest Commentary on gun control with scary, vicious invective and paranoid babble about “Tyranny”, consider what Bruce W. Kraft (above) posted on his own blog, (he did not have the courage to post it here himself) addressed to me, :

“Paul…What you and your collectivist buddies should be afraid of (although you probably don’t even realize it) is when the Leviathan goes that one step too far… all of a sudden you have a few hundred thousand seriously pissed off gun owners… Gun owners with the skills and equipment to drop a man deer at 600 yards…
That’s who you worry about Paul.”

Well Bruce, you have convinced me that you are probably somebody to worry about. But, I still don’t think you represent most gun owners. many of whom I know and who are disgusted by people who own stupid guns like Bushmasters, the cynical politicization of gun violence for profit by the NRA, and those wannabe leaders-without-followers like you, who talk about armed rebellion when they are upset that their candidate didn’t get the most votes in a recent election, or maybe just because they are unhealthy social misfits, with unmet needs of one kind or another.

But, Bruce , you have not convinced me that we live under Tyranny that justifies using language that is dangerous, threatening and irresponsible. You have also failed to convince me that background checks to prevent those with psychological problems from getting their hands on guns is either unconstitutional or a bad idea. You haven’t convinced me either that anybody has a use for a Bushmaster that justifies the appeal they seem to have for the misfits and deranged among us.

So, sorry Greg- there are obviously real live extremists out there, like Bruce, who are not made of straw, and they need to lose the argument over gun control, and background checks. While we are at it we might try to figure out from whence springs their irrational paranoia, sense of inadequacy, and rage. We will all be a lot safer.