Note to E!: Those Aren’t Assault Rifles on Lady Ga-Ga’s Chest

Nick reckons they’re Tek-9s. Just sayin’. []


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18 Responses to Note to E!: Those Aren’t Assault Rifles on Lady Ga-Ga’s Chest

  1. avatarRad Man says:

    I’ll give her five bucks if she’ll agree to put her shirt back on.

    • avatarWilliam says:

      I’m $5 with the bag-on-head thing. Or better a plastic one, long twist-tie. But she probably does that anyway.

      You KNOW she’s a gun-banner! You just KNOW.

  2. avatarDavid W. says:

    And so, the after-shot-show drinking begins….

  3. avatarKen says:

    The Tec-9 is considered an “Assault Weapon” in Kalifornia. Ban Lady Gaga!!!

  4. avatarRockThisTown says:

    Quick -put that gun rack back in the safe!

  5. avatarJoke & Dagger says:

    And put some baggy pants on those background boys!

  6. They look a LITTLE more like miniature Suomis. Maybe MAT-49s with fictional drum magazines.

  7. avatarSCS says:

    Nasty Ho

  8. avatarIng says:

    Agghh! That image…it burns!

    Man, I wish I could un-see that. I guess the title should’ve been enough to tell me this was a post best avoided, but curiosity got the better of me.

  9. avatarOkieRim says:

    she is an idiot, clearly makes money not on any singing ability but on Madonna-like costumes an shock appeal……sure hope she charters a reputable aircraft between shows.

  10. avatarIvy Mike says:

    I suppose somebody desperate could cover her face with a flag and fvck her for Old Glory.

  11. avatarJWhite says:

    shes turning into quite the heffer….

  12. avatarAharon says:

    This photo is symbolic of where America is at morally, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

  13. avatarJAS says:

    I get nauseated when I look at her….

  14. avatarTGF says:

    She was way cooler as marilyn manson, just sayin

  15. avatarBobtheGrape says:

    Lady Gag Gag needs to go soak her head!

  16. avatarEthanB says:

    They look like .38s to me.


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