Newtown CT Parents: Leave the Police in Our Schools


“Parent Amy Roman implored both the Police Commission and the Board of Education Tuesday night to continue to provide two police officers at each of the district’s six schools,” reports. “‘We feel this has gone from a want to a need,’ Roman told both the commission and the board. She was not alone. A couple of other parents expressed similar sentiments, and the district has received close to 300 emails, many of them voicing concern about long-term security and police presence in the schools. Schools Superintendent Janet Robinson said this presence is ‘indefinite,’ with Newtown’s department supplemented by officers from other departments. So . . . if the protection of armed civilians (note: police are civilians) is good enough for the community suffering the horrific aftermath of a spree killer, why not anywhere else? Or, indeed, everywhere else? And how come none of the parents called for gun control?