New from Sphinx: SDP Sub-Compact 9mm

Sphinx SDP SUBCOMPACT (courtesy 

$1195. That’s the price of admission for Sphinx’s SDP Subcompact 9mm due in your LGS this summer. When I asked the rep the riddle of the Sphinx—what could possibly justify spending the better part of a grand for a subcompact pistol—he didn’t hesitate: durability. My Schweizerdeutsch isn’t as good as it used to be, but I think the Sales Manager said the bitzeli handgun would last longer than Uranian 235. Which you’d kinda hope for a firearm made from unobtanium that feels as solid as my alibi for Kennedy assassination. The gunsmith next to me at the stand couldn’t praise Sphinx highly enough (though God knows he tried). I’m not a big fan of DA to SA triggers but the gunmaker’s Communications Manager assures me the Sphinx will be a baby in the morning, a man in the day and an old man at night. Or something like that.