New from Desert Tactical Arms: SRS-A1 Sniper Rifle (With Cheek Thingie That Goes Up)


I’m gonna keep doing this until Nick cries Uncle. And probably after that, too. Yup, it’s another “new” product with the most minor of mods for the firearms fraternity gathering at the 2013 SHOT show (at which TTAG will unleash four of its top bloggers and one salacious photographer). In this case we have a Desert Tactical Arms SRS (c. $2700 sans barrel, bolt, and magazine) with a NEW modular lightweight Picatinny rail and a NEW adjustable cheek piece with a NEW soft recoil pad. It may be a marketing ploy but who doesn’t want a bullpup sniper rifle with 1/2 MOA or better in your choice of calibers? Excluding Nick’s rave fave 300 Blackout. No doubt part of the conspiracy to annoy our Gun Test and Review Editor.