NASA Astronaut Mark Kelly: Armed Guards in Schools Won’t Work

It’s been said here before: being a victim (or the husband of a victim) of firearms-related violence does not make you an expert on crime prevention, firearms or Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. To wit: NASA astronaut turned civilian disarmament proponent Mark Kelly on high capacity magazines: “Those were really made for the military to kill a lot of people all at once.” On modern sporting rifles: “assault weapons are really good at killing a lot of people all at once.” You know what’s really good at killing a lot of people all at once? Gas chambers. Bombs. Prison camps. I wonder if the man receiving a government pension courtesy of American taxpayers can tell me the relative body count between spree killers and government agents (e.g., purveyors of “ethnic cleansing”) “This isn’t about the Second Amendment . . . I’ve defended the Constitution. . . . Armed guards in schools won’t work . . .” Kelly’s campaign is despicable.