Memo to Hunters: You Are Not Safe

Senator Dianne Feinstein—she of the impending assault weapons ban bill—had a nice little carve-out for hunters on Fox News Sunday. “I don’t know of any hunter worth his salt who uses an assault weapon,” DiFi opined. Not that she knows any hunters. Or anything about guns. But she sure knows how to divide and conquer. I predict she’ll appeal to hunters with “Responsible American gun owners see these bills as common sense regulation.” Yes, well, heads-up hunters: you’re next. After the UK banned firearms for civilians self-defense the anti-hunting crowd got the wind under their sails (e.g., hunting with dogs was banned in 2004). Firearms regulations for hunters are onerous, to say the least. It couldn’t happen here? I wouldn’t bet on it. Imagine how non-hunters would feel about :57 in this video played on an endless loop. Point taken?