Mayor Emanuel: Rid Chicago Pension Funds of “Assault Weapons” Manufacturers “Asked later about the extent of city pension fund investment in assault-weapons companies, Emanuel said, ‘You never know until you check.’ City Comptroller Amer Ahmad said the city pension funds do have investments in various investment pools that hold stock in companies that manufacture or sell assault weapons. ‘We do know that there are some holdings, and they may not add up to a lot of money, but every dollar matters,’ Ahmad said, adding that the mayor hopes to spark a movement of divesture similar to the campaign that helped end apartheid in South Africa. ‘We hope that other cities and states start picking this up, and we’re hearing that others may,’ Ahmad said. ‘This could become a good national movement.'” But not a great one? Oh and .  . .

In his speech, Emanuel said, ‘We’re going to divest of any investment in any gun manufacturer,’ but he later clarified that he was talking about those who make or sell assault weapons.

Hey Trib, do us a favor. Ask Hizzoner to define “assault weapon.”