Maryland Gun Ban Bill Revealed

A Maryland-based TTAG reader writes:

Our governor (and probable future Democratic presidential candidate!) Martin O’Malley has announced a new set of gun bills to further his goal of complete civilian disarmament. The bills aren’t available yet, but the summary is [click here for the text]:

  1. Licensing for new handgun purchases
  2. One-feature AWB. The speech carefully said “centerfire rifles”, so there is a chance that this may even apply to bolt and pump guns with detachable mags!
  3. 10rd magazine limit

It’s disgusting how it explicitly says how he’s trying to carve out hunters and clay shooters so he can divide and conquer. We’ve seen that strategy before, and it’s more effective than it should be. Thankfully . . .

The debacle in New York may have finally woken them up to the reality that they are no safer in the long run than those of us with modern sporting rifles. The good news is, unlike in New York and other states, we are already fighting the heated battle against further ineffective gun control.

Maryland Shall Issue, the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, and other local organizations are already leading us in that battle.  The odds are against us, but we’ve beat back an AWB before, and we can do it again.

What I’d personally like is a bit more support from gun owners outside the state. Comments like “time to move” are not helpful or appreciated. No matter where you live, they will be coming after you once they get done with us. Time to draw the line in the sand.

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