M4 with CAA mods: telescopic stock with cheek piece, ergonomic pistol grip, polymer Mag 17 with coupler, CQB front grip, forearm polymer rail system, flashlight and laser mount, front sight rail system, flip-up rear sight.

25 Responses to M4 Much?

  1. Not feeling that huge handguard.

    Side note: who is this lovley “Samantha Harris?”

    If there is one thing I love as much as guns, its beautiful redheads.

      • We can beat that. How about a 11lb rifle with 31.5lbs of weight.

        Oh yeaaaaaa….

        – D

        We actually talk with CAA from time to time directly. Good guys over there. I asked them to snatch me some free swagger from the various booths. bua ha ha

    • Which Beverly Hills Cop movie was it? The one at the theme park with the Ahniolator 3000 that had a microwave.

  2. Another pretty girl, another ring on the third finger of the left hand…

    RF, you sure know how to pick ’em.

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