Question of the Day: What’s a Better Name for the Pro-2A Film ASSAULTED?

I met Kris Keonig at a cafeteria in Vegas, after making small talk with his comely assistant (in a totally non-creepy way). Kris was at SHOT shooting footage for ASSAULTED. At the same time, he was trying to scare-up money to complete his pro-2A documentary. I asked him what the movie was about (in a totally late onset Attention Deficiency Disorder kinda way). “It’s the pro-2A film you’d show to your anti-gun neighbors.” I shared my uneasiness about the title. I reckon ASSAULTED is divisive and combative; it paints The People of the Gun as victims. What about “A Liberal’s guide to Guns”? Surprisingly, the film maker said he’d consider changing the film’s title, or adding a strap line. Kris agreed to put it to you our Armed Intelligentsia. So, what do you think? Keep it all caps aggressive or tone it down to lure in the fence straddlers? Or both? [Click here to help Mr. K finish his film via Kickstarter.]