Incendiary Image of the Day: Playing Down the Gunplay Edition


Grand Theft Auto offers players plenty of gun violence. Always has. Always will. Strange, then, that the recently released official screen caps include only one gun-wielding character amongst [a portfolio of] 22 images. Perhaps Wayne “Get Off My Lawn” LaPierre’s post-Newton shout-out to GTA cowed Rockstar Games into creative submission. Hollywood’s also downplaying the gunplay. Well the stars are, in interviews and Bloomberg-sponsored Demand a Plan montages. Less PC actors are relying on ye olde “red pill blue pill everyone knows the difference” excuse. “(This is) entertainment,” former California Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger told NBC referring to his forthcoming gun-lovin’ flick The Stand, “and the other thing is a tragedy beyond belief.” [Insert line about tragically awful Schwarzenegger movie while remaining sensitive to the suffering at Sandy Hook.] The entertainment industry’s marketing mavens may downplay the gunplay, but their products continue to give consumers what they want: guns, gore and gruyere. Or is that just me going a bit crackers?