Incendiary Image of the Day: An Open Invitation Edition

The fight for gun rights is a culture war. The People of the Gun believe in self-reliance, preparedness and situational awareness. The Gun Grabbers believe in cooperation, social control and denial. Yes, the above newspaper layout [via] is “insensitive.” But only if you believe that guns are responsible for the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. They are not. They were the tools a madman used to take innocent life. They are the same tools that a teacher, administrator, school security officer or concealed carry permit holder could have used to limit, stop or prevent the carnage. Passivity, social control and denial are all evil enablers. If the Grabbers want to accuse the POG of not being PC, fine. The truth hurts. And we’re not afraid to say it. In fact, I invite any of the victims of Sandy Hook to accompany me to the CT gun show ( No other media. Private discussions with gun owners. Let’s do it. Let’s have that conversation about guns.