Gun Owners Have NY Assemblyman Losquardo in their [Proverbial] Sights

New York’s ill-conceived, poorly-written, outrageously unconstitutional gun ban bill is law. If you want to know how bad it is, click here to go to Governor Cuomo’s SAFE Act FAQ page. Owners of “assault rifles” (as listed here by brand and here by features) have until April 15 to register their gun with the State Police or transfer it out of state (where it becomes some other Governor’s “problem”). Also from that date forwards, no one in the New York can sell an ammunition magazine capable of holding more than seven rounds. Bu before then, Brookhaven gun owners will get the chance to be the first in the state to punish pols who supported the SAFE Act . . .

In a special election set for March 3, New York Assemblyman Dan Losquadro will attempt to secure the position of Brookhaven highway superintendent ($93,531 p.a. plus bennies). An obscure vote to be sure. But one that has not escaped the attention of gun owners.

But first, check out the Republican rep’s pro-SAFE Act weasel words [via] . . .

Losquadro, a supporter of gun rights who trap shoots and has a pistol license, said he does not expect protests to “take me off track or distract me from my campaign in any way.”

He said he voted for what he termed “a compromise package” because it included provisions he favors, including mandatory minimum sentences for gun crimes, and easing of restrictions for involuntary commitment of mentally ill people who could pose a danger.

Losquadro said he has concerns about other parts of the bill, including reducing the size of permissible magazines from 10 rounds to seven, which he termed “window dressing,” and restrictions on passing down guns to relatives. He said he will propose changes to fix flaws.

Yeah. Sure. He’ll get the State government to remove the magazine capacity limit. Meanwhile, PO’ed gun owners have taken to a Facebook page called Don Losquadro Is Dishonest to voice their anger.

We suspect that the turnout for the special election may be higher than the former State Farm claims adjustor would like.

Losquadro’s opponent for the Highway Supervisor position: Brookhaven City Councilwoman Kathleen Walsh. Walsh’s father is/was a veteran. Her son served in Afghanistan. We reckon she may hold a different position on the SAFE Act than her opponent.

TTAG has contacted her office and will let you know.