Gun Grabbers: Second Amendment Designed to Preserve Slavery

The civilian disarmament movement is gathering pace and, especially, ferocity. We predicted this right from the git-go: anti-gunners and their media surrogates will paint gun owners as proto-terrorists. They did it in 2011 after the attack on Gabrielle Giffords with endless anti-Tea Party polemics and hysterical Hutaree hype. But there’s a new meme out there. Second Amendment supporters are racists. I know, right? How completely and utterly wrong could anyone be? Well, now that you asked, here’s an excerpt from Rika Christensen’s screed Far Right Poses As Much Danger To The U.S. As Radical Islam at . . .

They [the “extreme right”] also seem to view the Constitution as a static document, unchanging despite the way society has changed over the last 230 years, and want laws made and judges to rule based on the original intent of the document. Here’s the issue with that: When it comes to the 2nd Amendment (for example), the original intent of the amendment was to preserve slavery. The words, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State…” refer to the freedom of white men in the southern states to own slaves, and to police those slaves with their militias as they saw fit. The original intent was not to ensure the people’s freedom from a tyrannical government, which is what every gun-rights activist espouses today.

Given that slavery hasn’t existed here for more than 150 years, the original intent of the 2ndAmendment is not applicable to today’s society. The extreme right, however, would argue that we are becoming slaves of the government, if we aren’t already, with anecdotes and paranoia fueling their claims.

And, thus, become mass murderers.

Just in case there are some readers here who aren’t members of the pro-2A choir, I’d like to state that Ms. Christensen’s got it exactly backwards: gun control is racist.

In America, Southern Democrats created our country’s first gun control laws to subjugate—and then disenfranchise, terrorize, torture, rape and slaughter—African Americans. It’s right there in the Supreme Court’s McDonald decision, which relies heavily on gun control’s racist roots to justify its ruling.

In its modern, practical application, gun control leaves African Americans and Spanish-speaking Americans defenseless against criminal elements. More so than the white population. 

We know where Christensen got her “inspiration” for painting conservatives as proto-terrorists. The Combatting Terrorism Center think tank at West Point’s recently released report Challengers from the Sidelines: Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right.

But where did the Chicago-based “cyclist, skier, runner, animal rights and welfare advocate” get the bass ackwards idea that the Second Amendment was created by racists for racists?

Her fellow writer Nathaniel Downes’ polemic Founding Fathers’ Words Reveal 2nd Amendment Was… To Preserve Slavery? 

Asserting that the Second Amendment was created to protect state militias (ignoring the fact that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right guaranteed by the Bill of Rights), claiming that protecting slavery was the militias’ primary purpose, Downes concludes “The 2nd Amendment itself was purposefully designed to empower the states to manage and handle their slave patrols, their militias.”

When people call themselves patriots, or say they’re standing for what the founding fathers stood for when it comes to the 2nd Amendment, they are, in fact, doing nothing of the sort. Unless, of course, they’re arguing for the right to press people into involuntary, lifetime-indentured servitude, passed from parent to child in perpetuity. Or perhaps, that was, in fact, the plan all along.

If Downes’ argument wasn’t so preposterous I’d call it absurd. But here’s the thing: this is exactly the kind of “logic” the civilian disarmament movement will use to discredit those who seek to defend and extend their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

Mark my words: it only gets worse from here.

[h/t DrVino]