Gun Control or Criminal Control?


“On April 15, three men approached a home in the 9800 block of South Agave Cactus Way and told two men who were outside they were police officers, according to court documents,” reports. “They forced the victims inside the home where the owner’s wife was told their two children and another child would be killed if they didn’t hand over drugs and money. After being told they had no money or drugs, the invaders searched the house for 30 to 45 minutes and took the homeowner’s wallet and cellphone . . .

Miguel Angel Soberanes, Ernesto Adrian Guerrero Jr., 23, [above] and Daniel Alejandro Macias, 22, were arrested a short time later.

Soberanes pleaded guilty to one count of attempted aggravated assault and admitted he was the getaway driver. Guerrero was placed on three years’ intensive probation after pleading guilty to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Macias is to go to trial April 9.

So, which of these things is more important for public safety: gun control or sentencing for convicted criminals? Oh, and home carry folks. Home carry.