Team Glock member Tori Nonaka recently put the new Glock 30S through its paces. Tori told TTAG she found the smaller slide version of the venerable .45 sub-compact’s not entirely unacceptable, despite the gun’s inherent flippiness. And it fits in a G19 holster. Good enough for me.

19 Responses to Glock 30S Not As Bad as Tori Nonaka Thought It Would Be

  1. Glock marketing is going to be irked when that headline triggers their Google News alerts.

    As it should be. (Very well played, RF!)

    • 10mm proponents are the “Free Mumia” advocates of the shooting sports world.

      Kidding. With a side of truth. Bonus points for anyone who gets the “Free Mumia” joke.

  2. My Glock 36 also fits into my glock 19 holster, so I think I will stick with that for the moment.

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