DGUOTD: Wisconsin Grandmother Draws on Robber

Grocery store owner Ernestine Aldana practiced with her firearm. Twice. And then, when her life and property were threatened, she brought her firearm to bear on the bad guy. There wasn’t a “Wild West” gunfight per se. The robber fled. How many times does this happen? In 1991, a study found that 164k Americans successfully used a gun to defend themselves or their loved ones in a life-or-death situation. Ahead of next Tuesday’s gun control proposals, Vice President Joe Biden repeated the assertion that civilian disarmament legislation is worth it “if one life is saved.” Yes, well, if local, federal or state gun control measures had disarmed one percent of those people who used a firearm to save their life—completely discounting statistical evidence about deterrence—that’s 1640 lives lost. There’s no getting around it. Whether it’s facing down bad guys or enabling mass murder, disarmament = death.