Daily Digest: You’re Kidding Right?

The Constitution is a piece of paper. It was written by man for man. You want to change it?  There’s an app for that. If 38 out of 50 states vote to ditch the Second Amendment protection of Americans’ right to keep and bear arms, BAM! Gone. Even in the midst of the post-Sandy Hook hysteria that’s about as likely as me scoring a date with the Arielle Arts babe at my daughter’s gym (while sitting next to my second ex-wife). So why would CBS give airtime to someone arguing that the United States Constitution is “antiquated” and irrelevant? Because they’re commie bastards. Next question? What’s in the news today . . .

Jumping the gun? NYSRPAWCFOASAFE and AR15.com file a Notice of Claim against NY’s unconstitutional SAFE Act—before it’s amended.

Michael Bane reckons gun rights advocates should use Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals against the civilian disarmament movement. I reckon we should force them to stare at white on black type for four hours.

Surgical precision (courtesy surgeonrifles.com)

AX vs. Ballista vs. TRG M10 vs. Defense’s Modular Sniper Rifle vs. Remedy. Here’s hoping it doesn’t add up to nothing in the end. Gun makers aim at US sniper rifle contract janes.com

Plus ça changeplus c’est la même chose. Force de Frappe and why we need AR-15s. jfo.org

28 out of 29 Utah Sheriffs agree: firearms freedom is better for their constituents who do guns. usatoday.com

Shouldn’t that be “magazine”? MSNBC Caught Selectively Editing Another Clip This time the Tiffany Network’s spawn makes it look like pro-2a folk heckled the father of one of the Newtown victims. [As above.] theblaze.com

Twice the toll of Newtown in one month. City of Chicago Reaches 40 Homicides in January officer.com

President Obama and friends

Carl F: “The Hawaii Senate has introduced SB219 which reinstates the 1994 ‘assault weapon’ ban. As I read it. it makes owning any semi-auto illegal (class C felony) and also prevents you from selling it (Class B felony). It makes owners instant criminals with no way out, other than giving it to the cops, who are of course exempt.”

New TriStar C-100 pistols (courtesy tristararms.com)

There’s a new kid in town, pistol-wise: TriStar Arms C-100. Four bills and change.

(courtesy latimes.com)

Tomorrow’s another day. David Horsey, columnist, cartoonist (as above) and civilian disarmament proponent for latimes.com asks Do gun absolutists want the right to bear rocket launchers?

Westford, MA wants to have their own gun ban. The town’s attorney’s considered opinion of the plan: The Second Amendment prohibits the prohibition. I guess they shoulda read the fine print. Oh wait; there isn’t any.