Daily Digest: The Equalizer

Anyone remember The Equalizer? It was like Burn Notice without an ex-CIA schlub and a woman who never met a kettle bell she didn’t love. Anyway, The Equalizer was the victim’s go-to guy-with-a-gun: Uzi, 1911, Walther. Good stuff. I always wondered: why the hell doesn’t the damsel in distress get her own damn gun? From what I’ve seen women can handle firearms just fine. When it comes to self-defense, a firearm is the world’s best equalizer. Yes, but—arming female soldiers and putting them on the front lines with their male counterparts is a mistake. The move will damage morale and degrade combat effectiveness. Defense Secretary Leon Pannetta doesn’t share that view; he’s just lifted the ban on female combat troops. It’s another example of the Obama administration’s complete failure to understand what it means to use a firearm, whether that’s in battle or on the street . . .

Speaking of women who can handle themselves with a gun, Team Taurus’s Jessie Duff [above] de-mystifies semi-autos.

Senator Pat Leahy—from the Constitutional carry state of Vermont—jumps the gun (so to speak) with what the New York Times describes as his own “modest gun safety” bill.

Nothing modest about Vegas baby! And anything that puts a gun in the hands of a newbie—safely—is a good thing.

Who wouldn’t want to hang with Joe “Tailgunner” Biden and talk gun control? Click onto his Google+ fireside hangout on gun violence tomorrow at 1:45p ET.

I wonder if the U.S. SS protects Joe Biden with a full-auto FN P90 (above) as he travels the country on his anti-firearms jihad.

When you want to find the sensible path to common sense gun control, why waste your time going anywhere other than HuffPo? As illustrated above.

After banging the drum for gun control the jobbing journos at nydailynews.com suddenly can’t face the music. Our new gun law: Rushed and wrong

Also from the “how wrong can you be” school of civilian disarmament: Veterans Know What Guns Can Do (courant.com):

If President Barack Obama is looking for allies in his quest to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people, I suggest he think about veterans. Not necessarily the guy who ran the movie projector at Fort Dix, but men and now women who served in combat and combat support in our last half-dozen wars. These people have seen what firearms can do, to the victim and the shooter.

Federal gun grabbers fact-deficient fall-back position: a “high capacity” mag ban. Mike Thompson: A Middle Path to Reducing Gun Violence wsjonline.com

Recently discovered Carl Sandberg poem A Revolver. Interesting (but not unpredictable) that the scholar who unearthed the poem sees it as a condemnation of the Second Amendment. news.illinois.edu

Idaho lawmakers don’t need concealed weapon permits And neither does any American. All men being created equal and all.  spokesman.com