Daily Digest: Strip and Flip


“This is the most humiliating day in my life,” the driver said, rolling down his window and looking at me with puppy dog eyes. Normally, I wouldn’t gas-up at the Sunoco at the bottom of the hill. And certainly not at night. But I was driving on fumes and my gymnastics-crazed daughter likes to be late like I like to be late. Which is to say she doesn’t. It was bad enough when the hoodie-wearing gentleman ambled by. But SUV guy was only slightly less fishy than a can of tuna. “Nope, sorry,” I said, interrupting him, unbuttoning my jacket, ceasing pumpage, looking for accomplices and moving around the Merc. “Ask someone else.” He left as quickly as he arrived. I’m packing a handgun not an AR-15. But put me at home, cut power to my ‘hood for a couple of weeks and look! Here come the pretend destitute. To exchange meaningful glances with my SCAR. What part of that makes me a bad person? Maybe we should ask some of our newsmakers . . .

Adam Eichberg civilian disarmament proponent (courtesy kwgn.com)

If the assault weapon fits . . . Gun group attacks gun control lobbyist [Adam Eichberg] who fired assault rifle kwgn.com

“People think they’re pulling into Mayberry RFD when they’re coming here, well they’re sadly mistaken.” Chief wants patrol rifle for every officer wfmj.com


Things to practice doing (above) while you wait for the ammo shortage to end.

Son-of-a-gun dealer and spokesman for Mayors Against Illegal Guns) Mark Glaze (“special to CNN“) reckons Americans, even NRA members, want gun reforms because they’re just as confused about the definition of a “right” as he is. To wit:

We have the right to go to the movies without being gunned down in our seats. We have the right to pray in our houses of worship without being victimized by a mentally unstable young man and his assault weapon. More than anything, we have the right to send our kids to school in the morning with the guarantee that they’ll return home in the afternoon.

Read it and weep: National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) summary of New York state’s SAFE Act.

Yes. Yes it is. “‘It’s not my law,’ said Michael Green, the executive deputy commissioner of the Division of Criminal Justice Services.” Tempers run high as frustrated gun owners learn about New York’s weapons ban syracuse.com

(courtesy cemeterysgunblob.com_

Hogs. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Peyton Manning hunts following Denver Broncos’ loss nfl.com

The LaserLyte® UTA-SH laser for the Smith & Wesson® M&P Shield™ (courtesy lauraburgessmarketing.com)

Damn that’s ugly—right until you need it. New $100 LaserLyte® UTA-SH laser for the Smith & Wesson® M&P Shield™.

OMG that’s beautiful. Ruger GP-100 .357 Magnum No. KGP-141 gunreports.com Wait. A smoother trigger than a Smith & Wesson? My 686 begs to differ, but it’s b-b-b-b-bad to the bone.