Daily Digest: Keep Your Friends Close, Your FN SCAR Closer

Earlier today, I received a welcome heads-up: the Obama Administration seems to be backing-off from its assault weapons ban fervor. My sense of relief was profound. I know, I know: it’s not a not done deal. Even so, this morning I felt a distinct lifting in the malevolent miasma created by the gun grabbing gestalt. Even as I marveled at the fact that gun owners’ voices have been heard in the halls of power, I wondered if gun guys and gals will remember who threw them under the proverbial bus during these dark days of disarmament fever; from Cheaper Than Dirt! to Dick’s Sporting Goods to (God I hope not) Senator Charles “Fast and Furious” Grassley. I reckon they will. Yeah, it’s that important. Meanwhile and in any case, here are a few more turncoats and some firearms-related distractions to keep you from bumming out . . .

Colorado Gun Retailer Ends Assault Rifle And High-Capacity Magazine Sales, President Of Company Has ‘No Regrets’ Yet. huffingingtonpost.com

senatorfeinstein.com doesn’t mean what Senator Feinstein thinks it means.

Well they would do wouldn’t they. Hundreds rush to gun store in hopes of buying semi-automatic rifle kctv5.com

Former Nixonite, failed presidential candidate and msnbc pet conservative Pat Buchanan’s columns have become the SBR of editorials. In fact, the headline was probably enough. BUCHANAN: Americans want their guns app.com

They shoot dogs don’t they? Yes. Yes they do. Mexico City Police Shooting of Feral Dogs Ignites Debate fishgame.com

Then again there must be something in it. “Video games are the most effective advertisements there are for firearms.” The problem being? huffingtonpost.com

The Bay State can’t wait. “Massachusetts has removed violent video games from four highway rest stops after a family traveling for the holidays saw a young boy playing one days after the Connecticut school shooting.” bostonherald.com

Washington State Senate majority leader and Seattle mayoral hopeful Ed Murray can’t wait for a federal assault weapons and/or “high capacity” magazine ban (God forbid). So he wants to do them both, in one, now. His bill would ban “anything with a detachable clip that has more than 10 bullets.” blogs.seattleweekly.com

You can’t keep a good Alex Jones down. Or a bad one.

Gun Appreciation Day’s four step program:

1. Go to GunAppreciationDay.com and sign the petition to defend gun rights
2. Go to our Facebook page and like us
3. Join the Facebook “event” page January 19 – Gun Appreciation Day
4. Then invite your friends to join!

Meh. Step Five: spend a $2 bill!

Seventeen shots from an AR in an urban environment and the law of averages.

Godwin’s law at motherjones.com. Was Hitler Really a Fan of Gun Control? TTAG tipster: “This is a case of everyone firing blanks.”

Not here. Sneak peak at all of Winchester’s new-for-2013 ammo including some newa Lapua.

Too much recoil for kids, though. “The Sheriff’s Department in Caddo Parish, Louisiana is inviting children to participate in the ‘Kids First Gun Program,’ which will teach young children how to safely operate firearms.” Drudge Report.

Heller hero Alan Gura equates gun rights to gay rights and abortion rights, and not without justification. Obviously.

A friend indeed. Like my forthcoming SCAR 17 . . .