Daily Digest: Piers Morgan Doesn’t Read TTAG

I’m a Second Amendment absolutist. No to background checks, mandatory firearms training and paperwork. Yes to machine guns and restoring felons’ gun rights. And yes to not appearing like a total nutcase in the media. During close encounters with jobbing journos I try to make my perspective palatable to people on the fence re: gun rights. Not by changing my views. By combining passion, humor and common sense. Equally, I’m careful not to deride the journalists’ skepticism or outright antagonism. In the main, their prejudice is based on ignorance. The Age of Miracles is not past; every now and then a reporter wants to learn about guns. A Washington Post reporter’s coming to RI Monday to bust some caps with the rabbi and me. I don’t know if we’ll get a fair hearing. But this much I know: the truth will out. Make the jump for my latest attempt to set the record straight . . .

Doesn’t Chicago’s Mayor have something better to do? Emanuel To Banks: Stop Supporting Gun Makers chicago.cbslocal.com

I can’t get to Texas soon enough. “A little fun with a Suppressed Mini Uzi Submachine Gun” (above).

Michael Moore: ‘The NRA Is Doomed’ And people like him aren’t. “We’re never gonna get rid of crazy people.” huffingtonpost.com

Saying that, someone’s career inside the NRA seems to be on a terminal glide path. NRA lobbyist: Pro-gun ad referring to Obama’s children ‘ill-advised’ usnews.nbcnews.com

Stephen King’s released a pro-gun control anti-NRA e-book essay. The aforementioned WaPo gives us the down-low:

Determined and at times profane, the 8,000-word essay confronts NRA members straight on: “In the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings,” King writes, “gun advocates have to ask themselves if their zeal to protect even the outer limits of gun ownership have anything to do with preserving the Second Amendment as a whole, or if it’s just a stubborn desire to hold onto what they have, and to hell with the collateral damage.”

Clever angle (courtesy sfgate.com)

Despite a turnout south of 40 people at their first rally (clever angle above), huffingtonpost.com felt obliged to publish One Million Moms For Gun Control: Origins Of A Movement.

sfgate.com‘s on board with Million Moms group pushes for gun control

Kevin Nugent owner of The Shooter Shop (courtesy jsonline.com)

Shooters Shop owner says gun debate lacks common sense And I say Shooters Shop will soon lack customers. jsonline.com

Special Agent Canino? What are the odds? Agents Shoot Pit Bull Mauling ATF Dog in Arizona officer.com

“Just so you know, I don’t even own a gun, nor does my mom, or dad. But when I’m old enough, I want the right to buy a gun — if I want to – so I can protect the America that I love.” cowboybyte.com

I wonder if she watches CNN . . .